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Happy dog, happy family

Mar 19, 2015 by Deborah

Our 9 month old lagotto romagnolo has just spent 10 days with Inguna, breaking bad habits and learning lots of new good ones!! Kugel had a great time being treated as one of the family, obviously had a stress-free experience. Would definitely recommend residential training with Inguna. Thanks

We tried many and then found the best..!

Sep 14, 2014 by Nicole Seed

Lola is a fairly big South African mastiff and it appears that most dog walkers would prefer just to walk as many small (easy) dogs as possible at one time. As a result, Lola found herself being ousted from a number of dog friendly walkers. It was only when we realised this and googled 'professional' dog walker that we found Inguna. To say she is that and a lot more is an understatement! We can finally relax in the knowledge that we have a walker that is confident enough to enable Lola to have a great walk with other dogs every day while we can relax at work knowing all will be under control. Better still, the dog thinks Inguna is as great as we do!
Thank you!

Pancho's 2nd Home

Aug 28, 2014 by Paul Ericsson

Inguna has been a great help with our one year old Pancho, beginning when he was just a few months old. She has helped us understand our young Doberman, improve our approach to his training, and taken him in for residential training. Her understanding of Dobermans is amazing. Pancho absolutely adores Inguna and, with her help, he is maturing into a delightful part of the family. There is no one we trust more with Pancho than Inguna.

Amazing Pet Taxi Service

Aug 18, 2014 by Vanessa

We contacted Inguna in need of immediate (emergency) pet taxi service. The moment she confirmed the transportation with us she immediately headed to the airport to get the fur babies picked up and home ASAP. I recommend this Pet Taxi service to anyone wanting 100% safe and flawless service.

On a side note, her dogs are so beautiful and appeared to be very well cared for and part of the family. Coincidentally, we have been looking to add a Doberman to our family and have been looking at breeders (in the USA). Can't wait to see the next planned breeding and possible available puppies!

Best dog training

Apr 21, 2014 by Diana Taylor-Basilio

We found Inguna when looking for a good Doberman breeder and on meeting her dogs were very impressed with how well mannered they were. We already have a rescue dog who I adopted as a pup and brought over to uk when I moved and after months of quarantine we started to have problems with him on the lead and he was showing aggression to other dogs. We asked Inguna if she would help us train him so we would not have to be afraid of taking him to the park.
She was very patient and took time to understand his problem and correct our behaviour and after the first session there was a lot of improvement and we have even been able to make friends in the park whom our dog JJ plays with. After session number two my husband has even been able to teach him to run along side his bike and not be distracted by other dogs, his recall is so much better and we can all enjoy time together out side without the stress. Inguna is a fantastic trainer and genuinely loves dogs we will defineatly be back for a puppy from her soon as we are ready. Thank you Inguna for all the help.
Diana & Joe

Highley recommended

Apr 17, 2014 by Gill Scott

I can not say enough great things about Inguna and her skills in handling and breeding Doberman dogs. I am so glad we made the right choice in getting our lovely family pet Eme. She is a fine looking Doberman and Inguna has always supported us from the time we picked her out of the litter to present day more then 2 years later always taking time to care.
We have also used her home-to-home kennel stay and would only ever use Inguna to look after our girl, we know she is in very capable and safe hands. Keep up the brilliant work Inguna!!

Great Dobermann breeder providing top quality dogs

Apr 02, 2014 by Michael Eccles

Once we had decided we were going to have a Doberman as a new part of our family we spent a long time researching the breed and also a long time searching for the best place to get a puppy from.

I am so glad we spent that time and effort finding the right breeder in Tegrata Dobermanns.

Inguna cares greatly for all the dogs that the Tegrata kennel produces. And not just whilst they are under her care - we remain in regular contact to this day (our boy is now 2.5yrs old) and Inguna still generously gives us her time in answering any questions or queries we may have.

Taking on any dog as part of your family is a big commitment, but with a Dobermann its even bigger as they are not a breed to be taken on lightly.

They require a lot of work and exercise being so intelligent and lively! But you really are rewarded for your efforts with them ten-fold in affection, loyalty and love. He really has enriched our lives totally and we can not thank Inguna enough for providing us the with the foundations at puppy level of such a well-rounded and loving companion.

If you have decided on a Dobermann then you can be confident that Tegrata Dobermanns will provide you with not only a healthy and well-adjusted puppy, but continued support should you need it.

I have no hesitation in recommending Inguna as your dog walker

Jan 08, 2014 by Kate & Rolo

I have known Inguna Grase for several years and have used her dog walking service on a number of occasions to walk our 3 year old male dobermann.

Her experience with dogs is second to none and consequently I feel confident that when Rolo is walked by her he is safe, has a lot of exercise and most of all enjoys his walk. I have no hesitation in recommending Inguna as your dog walker.

It was a relief to know that he was in safe hands

Dec 15, 2013 by Michelle & Sparky

After my rather spirited golden doodle Sparky was expelled by his previous dog walker I was delighted to find out that Inguna did dog walking.

I had seen Inguna out with her beautiful Doberman Lotte and was impressed by her natural authority and clear love of dogs. Luckily Inguna was happy to walk him as I was heavily pregnant and dog walking was getting precarious. Sparky loved his walks and Inguna managed to keep him out of trouble and delivered him back happily exhausted.

It was a relief to know that he was in safe hands and I could breath a sigh of relief that I wasn’t going to have the baby on the golf course! I would have no hesitation in recommending Inguna, she was the perfect dog walker for my crazy first baby Sparky, and I’m sure that he’s missing her now that I’m back fully mobile. Thanks Inguna!

We would recommend Inguna to absolutely anybody who wants to train their dog

Aug 12, 2013 by Karl, Bex and Diego

Diego is the first dog that we have taken to training classes and before he were introduced to Inguna we saw a couple of different dog trainers, BAD MISTAKE! We seriously underestimated the importance of going to a good dog trainer, and with Inguna we found an excellent one.

From the first meeting Diego adored Inguna and the bond formed and the respect Diego has for Inguna is amazing. Inguna really is a ‘Dog Whisperer’ and within each session she has Diego doing things we never thought we would.

Ingunas talents don’t stop a training dogs however, she spends Just as much time training us, as dog training doesn’t come naturally to us, but with Ingunas help we now have such a strong bond with Diego and we look forward to training just as much as Diego does (So much so we travel 30 miles each way).

We would recommend Inguna to absolutely anybody who wants to train their dog as well as themselves no matter of experience levels. We both work both long and unsociable hours and lnguna is extremely flexible with fitting our training sessions in. Thanks lnguna and we cant wait to see you again in the new year.

Tegrata Dobermanns , USA 5.0 5.0 11 11 Our 9 month old lagotto romagnolo has just spent 10 days with Inguna, breaking bad habits and learning lots of new good ones!! Kugel had a great time being treated as one of the fa