Litter A

On 19th October 2006 a litter of 10 was whelped from Galaxy

SIRE – Pluto de Grande Vinko

Champion of Ukraine,
Belaruss, Russia and Vice Winner of IDC 2005


Latvian, Estonian, Russian champion, Latvian Junior Champion, Multi Young Winner, National test for breeding (Latvia), BH (Germany), ZTP 1A (Germany), IPO 1 (Germany), HD free (Germany) PHTVL/PHPV – free

_Galaxy_1y pluto1
Imidz Galaxy Great Pluto de Grande Vinko

Amber Sea Arthur Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Antigone Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Abuto Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Armagedon Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Aristey Great (Finland)
Amber Sea Andromeda Great (Finland)
Amber Sea Avatar Great (Finland)
Amber Sea Aronia Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Ariadne Great (Latvia)
Amber Sea Adele Great (Latvia)

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Pedigree of Litter

Pluto de Grande Vinko Baron Nike Renewal Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Borana Sawages
Gravin Shanel San de Vinko Mauvieres Mufasa de Stang-Zu
Ak-Yar Adromeda
Imidz Galaxy Great Volvo Betelges Gino Gomez del Citone
Vanja Sawages
Tessa Valjur Imidz Sathan di Latiano
Simona Regbis Star