Litter C

On 09.11.2010 Adele whelped 7 black & tan puppies, 4 males and 3 females.

This was the first ever mating in the UK of two ZTP (Fit for Breeding) tested dogs, both of whom achieved the highest grade possible of ZTP V1A at the first test ever held in the UK at the UKDA Club, 2010, Judged by Herr H. Wiblishauser.


(Europa Jugend Sieger 2009, HD – A (Germany), vWd – clear by parentage, PHPV-Grade 1, BH, DNA DCM Cardio gene mutation -Negative, ZTP – V1A (H.Wiblishauser))


(Estonian Junior CAC, Latvia Junior CAC, 2xLatvian CAC, Estonian CAC, BOO, BH (Latvia), National Breeding Test (Latvia), Cardio Free, vWd – carrier, HD – A (Germany), PHTLV/PHPV – clear, ZTP – V1A (H.Wiblishauser))

 adele-Skuceni  VincentSMALL-Vega-DW-Advert-smaller-for-sending-(2)
Amber Sea Adele Great Aritaur Vincet Vega

Tegrata Coco Chanel(UK)
Tegrata Charming Charlotte(UK)
Tegrata Creme De La Creme(UK)
Tegrata Canny Casanova(UK)
Tegrata Cardamon Carrera(UK)
Tegrata Cardinal Capone(UK)
Tegrata California Chianti(UK)

Pedigree of Litter

Aritaur Vincent Vega Aritaur Nominator F’Hiram-Abif Royal Bell
Aritaur Dominatrix
Aritaur Hastra Kastra Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai
Aritaur Dominatrix
Amber Sea Adele Great Pluto de Grande Vinko Baron Nike Renewal
Gravin Shanel San de Vinko
Imidz Galaxy Great Volvo Betelges
Tessa Valjur Imidz