Litter G

On 01.08.2015 our Tegrata Elegant Eloise whelped 14 puppies (2 black& tan boys, 5 black& tan girls, 4 brown& tan boys and 3 brown&tan girls)) from combination with USA/Lux CH Blackjack Bluffer von Jahrestal.




Gallery of litter G

Tegrata Gorgeous George(UK)

Tegrata Glent Grant (UK)

Tegrata Growling Ghost (UK)

Tegrata Gentle Giant(UK)

Tegrata Gordon Gin(UK)

Tegrata Gifted Genius(UK)

Tegrata Glorious Grace(UK)

Tegrata Gracious Gwen(UK)

Tegrata Glitzy Glam(UK)

Tegrata Graceful Gerda(UK)

Tegrata Great Garbo(UK)

Tegrata Gucci Gucci(UK)

Tegrata Glamour Glitz(UK)

Tegrata Great Galaxy(UK)