Litter C Diary

Rolo (Tegrata California Chianti) – 09/11/2012


Rolo and his C litter mates are 2 today. Happy Birthday everyone!

It seems like I was only born yesterday and time has flown past but then I have crammed so much into my 2 years. When my human family came to see me they were told I was a little monster and I am glad to say I didn’t disappoint – a dream in the house but a bit of a demon outside. However, I have grown and matured into a proud, magnificent and very loving dog who now recognises that I can’t always be the dominant male I want to be. I am told I am loved all the time, really look forward to my long walks when I can play with some of my friends Buddy the weineramer, Tullis the Lab (who when he has had enough playing stands in the water because he knows I can’t get him there as I don’t like getting wet except when I am very hot), Vinnie the German Shepherd who keeps me in check, Marshie the young mad dobie who makes me look angelic when I was her age and also my sister Lotte who is always up for a run and chase. My favourite games are hide and seek, which we started in training to make sure I didn’t wander off too far, and catch with a quoit or frisby and tug. Mum and me didn’t go to group training as we had to wait so long for our turn I got bored so we saw Inguna on a 1 to 1 basis every week. She taught us lots; recall, obedience, walking on the lead and some very fun agility games. It wasn’t always easy but we got there and now life is good. We didn’t get a certificate per say but Inguna said we don’t need anymore training so I took that to mean I had done everything needed. I still love to see her for a walk with Lotte but take more notice of mum now. Mum and dad tell me that in the past 6 months I’ve really grown up – matured and am less distracted when lead walking although that black cat in the next road is a tease! Horses and cyclists don’t bother me now. I went to the beach last week and had a great time – rewarded with a huge marrow bone while everyone else had their pub lunch. We love doing day trips, roll on the next one! Hope you all have a great day. Am off for a snooze now after my extra long walk with mum and her friend before my birthday bone and then presents when the kids get home!

Inguna, you are right Dobies really are the best dogs! Thanks for letting us have him – the above really is just the tip of the iceberg with Rolo – looking forward to what the next year brings.

Rolo, Kate &Co



Ciara (Tegrata Coco Chanel) – 30/08/2012


Just thought you might like to see these pictures of Ciara and one of our cats !!! This ones called Wolfgang and he is her favourite cause he wants to rub heads with her. We are still working on the others !! Its taken a while but Ciara is learning who are her friends and who is prey !! I have never owned a dog that as had such a high prey drive as Ciara before. When she sees a squirrel or a rabbit outside, she will just not give up trying to get them. luckily with people she is so friendly and we want to keep her that way. She has such a big personality, everyone loves her !! So things are going well and we wouldn’t want to be without her now.





On 26 of November I had a great afternoon with 5 of Adele’s and Flynn’s puppies and their owners. They are now 1 year old and I think all of us enjoyed to see them together.

I want to say thanks to all owners for being such great mums’ and dads’ for my pups and enjoying relationship with the best dogs in the world :)

P.S. Paddy and Indie- we really missed you :(




Ciara (Tegrata Coco Chanel) – 01/11/11

cattery 099

Ciara is doing well. We still haven’t cracked it with the cats yet but I think it’s more cause I’m being over protective of the cats and maybe I should be more trusting of Ciara. Its just she gets so worked up when she see’s any of the cats I just darnt let them get too close yet. I am letting them see each other from a distance and slowly letting Ciara get closer.

Two days ago I introduced Ciara to my two ferrets. Again Ciara gets very excited and I must admit I was afraid of Ciara trying to bite them, but she didn’t and I let her put her nose right up to them and she just wanted to sniff at them and then to play. I was very pleased with Ciara and I’m hoping that when I finally bring Cats and dog together, then The result will be the same.

She is doing well at obedience training and although she has got a long way to go, she is improving every week. The trainer said last week that Ciara was improving and setting new records for herself in every way !!!! She also did a lot of work off lead last week and although I thought she would just wonder off up to the nearest dog, she didn’t and she did very well. I was so pleased last week !!!

The last two weekends we have taken Ciara down to the beach and sand dunes. She really does like the beach and dunes. I think she thinks she gone to heaven !!!! She just goes mad !!! We will try and take her once a week there now cause she seems to like the sand even more than grass fields. She likes digging big holes in the sand.

Socialising with other dogs is going fine too. If a dog is friendly with her, then all she wants to do is play. If a dog comes for a fight, then she will stand her ground. I don’t think she is going to be a softy !!! Although I will not encourage fighting, I do want Ciara to learn that there are good and bad dogs like there are with people.

Socialising with people is a natural with Ciara cause she just loves everyone and in turn everyone loves Ciara. She loves children, adults and old people. It really doesn’t matter, she just wants to say hello to everyone !!!!

cattery 181cattery 175cattery 165cattery 103


Charlie (Tegrata Charming Charlotte) – 28/10/2011

Charlie’s new pics…
misc 028

misc 013misc 014


Paddy (Tegrata Canny Casanova) – 03/10/2011

Some new pics from Paddy…




Bentley (Tegrata Cardinal Capone)

I have received some new pics from Bentley…




Charlie (Tegrata Charming Charlotte) – 28/07/2011


Charlie is now nearly 9 Months old and last week came into season for the 1st time. We have recently been taking her for her main walk at 5:30am so she can still be off the lead without the possibility of meeting up with a male dog who hasn’t been neutered.

Since last week we have eased up on her training as she has become tired very quickly, but before then her training has been going extremely well. She recently started pulling a bit when Dee was taking her for a walk so we went back to basics with the lead on her in the house, getting her to heel and praising her when she was in the correct position. We took this same notion outside and she is now once again happily walking at our side. She always wants to learn and we have found clicker training combined with treats works best.

Her socialisation training with both humans and dogs has gone extremely well and she plays happily with most dogs, but she tends to avoid the little yappy things who just want to nip her. A labradoodle named Oscar and a Boxer named Louis are her best play mates. She spends ages running around with them, and then just collapses to the floor when she has had enough. 10 minutes later…. Off she goes again.

She is currently curled up next to me on the couch, which when we are not playing or training seems to be the norm. Hopefully next week, if the weather is good, we are going to Bournemouth beach again. Last time we were there she loved playing in the sand but was a bit wary of the sea. It will also be her first time sleeping in a tent (she will be in her crate) as we are going to spend a few nights in the New Forest.

I would like to end by saying a big “Thank you” to Inguna for breeding such a wonderful litter. Many people have commented on not only how wonderful Charlie looks but also on her fabulous temperament.

Ian & Denise


Bentley (Tegrata Cardinal Capone) – 01/07/2011


Hiya! Bentley is doing really well, he is attending two training classes and is going to start agility soon! He’s very smart and definitely knows when he is ‘working’, he is the baby of both classes but is just as advanced as the older dogs. However he is definitely going through his teenage stage, one problem we’re facing is him repeatedly barking in the car, and at other dogs when we are out walking. We have done a lot of research and have had a one-to-one dog specialist out, who recommended shaking a can of stones when he barks, as sound aversion, or squirting him with water. Neither have had long term effect, and when we bought a bark collar it was the same result, he was happy to bark along anyway! However we are going to buy a few more books to see if there is any other tips (or if you have any ideas would be great!) on how to stop this.

He has also developed a few sores around his face from his halti rubbing him, which he went to the vets about and they gave us some hibiscrub, although we decided to use sudocream as well as it seemed to clear up much quicker with this, so he is on the mend!

We have a friend who owns some farmland nearby, so we take him for lovely walks up there with their rottie mix, so they can run and play to burn off some energy! He is such a loving and gorgeous dog, and has perfect manners in the house, always waits until the command is given for his feed, and loves a cuddle on the sofa! I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal friend than he is proving to be. :)

Inguna’s comment:


It was really nice to receive an e-mail from you after a long time and I am very pleased about Bentley, however you have some problems, which is normal when you have a pup:)
Barking at dogs- dogs usually do it because they are not sure how to communicate with other dogs. If he barks when you walk him in a park just give him an opportunity to meet other dogs, play with them etc. If he does it on the street- I would say he needs more discipline.

Barking in a car- as you mentioned bottle with stones and water does not help a lot. Those methods are helpful for scared dogs that are sensitive to any disruptions from outside. I would suggest to use a reward system- tell him to be quiet (always be calm when you do it) and try to catch a moment when he is quiet and reward him with very very tasty treat(piece of chicken fillet, hot dog etc) also tell him he is a very good boy. Dogs are very happy to hear our positive emotions that’s gives them confidence -they are doing something correctly. Never get angry and don’t shout at him (I know its hard :)) because when he barks he is stressed but if you get angry you just build his stress higher but stressed animal(also human) cant learn anything.

If I understand correctly you are using halti head collar? That collar is not the best way to train Bentley normal walking on the lead and his fears confirms it. Better if you use a normal collar or half choke collar and when he pulls you just immediately change your direction without saying any commands to him. But when he is next to you – no pulling only looking at you with surprise -what happened?- tell him good boy and reward with a delicious treat.

All these exercises demand from you to be very patient but it will definitely reward you with a very obedient dog.:)



PADDY (Tegrata Canny Casanova) – 27/06/2011


All going well here in Brentwood, our boy is still growing and has put weight on yay……until

One evening he could not keep his food down and was reaching badly while out in the garden, the next day he had bad belly (not going into further details). We decided to give him scrambled egg only for the next 24 hrs, been told this in the past by a vet when dogs have the runs to see if it calms it down.

While taking him for a walk the next day he had a poo, on a stick, the stick was somewhere between 4-6 inches long (bit like a hot magnum lolly, sorry but it was). And now he is back to normal, after the ‘lolly poo’ I did take him to the vets and had him looked over. “Unbelievable” the vet said, as dogs have a u shaped bend in their stomachs/intestines for such a long stick to work its way round. That explained the reaching in the garden. So we are back to a slightly skinny boy ‘BONES’ and are now building him up again.

Anyway he is doing great and so glad we have him. He is approx 25 inches to the shoulders and over 4 stone. I will have to weigh him once he starts putting weight back on as that 4 stones was a few weeks back. Have had the nieces over numerous times (10 mths – 12 yrs old ) and all good there too.

I haven’t been training a few weeks now but will be back, he has had a few moments of being a stroppy teenager but short lived and we had words. Up until then he was doing very well, and if I listened harder he would probably be doing better. Have enjoyed giving it a go myself and as long as you keep at it, it does pay off. We can leave the front door open and go to the car for example without him flying after us, he waits until we call him. They are very clever dogs there’s no doubt and there are no limits to what you can achieve with time and effort. He is a very loving dog, he does still like to cuddle up with Sarah on the sofa at night (mummies boy).

What can we say, first time Dobermann owners and don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one. We will send some photos soon.

P.S. almost forgot-remember,a large pup to expect man size ‘wind’ one of the delights you would not think of when bringing a new pup into your family.
Also another little trait is the daily cleaning, especially from our experience with a male dog…,it sounds like your sitting to close to a park bush while a young couple are at it right beside you.But if you have a Eugene in the house you get blamed as well as the dog, for the wind only I must add.



On Saturday, 16th of April, we had a nice afternoon with four of our Tegrata C litter puppies. For me it was nice to see them again after they went to their new homes and make sure they have the best owners. For the owners it was nice to meet each other, share their experiences and see their dog brothers and sisters and finally for the dogs – to have a great walk.
I am happy to say all puppies are of high quality and very good temperament. We will be happy to see more of our dog brothers and sisters when we meet next!

Your Inguna


PADDY (Tegrata Canny Casanova) – 07/04/11

5MTHs 1WK 026

Paddy has now been house clean 100% for a good month now. His training is going really well and he has moved up to next class, a bit quicker than normal. This just proves the intelligence of our dogs.

I was using a throwing arm and tennis ball (in pet shops every where) while on walks, he does love chasing a ball. We were then advised not to use this quite yet as when he chases after the ball, he goes with such strength to retrieve it he may still cause damage to muscles, joints etc.

He comes in at appox 22 inches to the shoulder and roughly 20 kgs.

Also this week his first tooth came out and have noticed his little fella’s are starting to drop, along with his bark getting deeper every few days, our little puppy is becoming a real large handsome fella.

When we are out, its been really nice how people (not just dog lovers it seems) have commented on how good he looks (thanks again Inguna)
He still loves his doggie cage, and we do not shut him in any more at night as he gets up when we do.
Paddy and our other boy ‘Murphy’ are great fun together, from play fighting or just lying with each other.

So three months in and loving every minute with him.

5MTHs 1WK 0084MTHs 3WKs 008


Rolo (Tegrata California Chianti) – 28/03/11

Rolo lives in London with Roger, Kate and their kids.

– With Mum.

Rolo’s pad is now healed and we are back on normal exercise much to his relief. He wasn’t a bad patient really but he was spoilt rotten for the 2 weeks he had his cone collar on. He is now (touch wood) fully house trained and dry at night (hooray). The compliments we continue to get from friends and other people when we are out are amazing he wows everyone.

I recently found the Aritaur website and feel very proud that our pup is the product of 2 superb dogs. He is loved dearly and knowing his heritage makes it very special!

I’m recommencing puppy classes this week after his accident but he seems to have remembered a lot of the hard work already done so hopefully it shouldn’t be too painful for me at least – he just takes it in his stride. I’m sure he will continue to show the “little” breeds up.

You will be pleased to know that he is let off the lead and does come back to us quite promptly as long as there are not too many distractions (but as you would say he is still a pup!). We go armed with pockets of treats and toys.

Bentley(Tegrata Cardinal Capone) – 01/03/11


Bentley is doing absolutely brilliantly, he goes to puppy socialization classes and training and is doing fantastic at both. He gets so excited to see the other dogs and pulls at the lead to play with them! He is almost completely house trained and only has accidents at night once or twice a week. His heel work is really good, he is always so interested in learning things, anything for some food! and he is so confident on his walks. We cant wait to continue with the training and see how he progresses, as he is being a star.


Cooper(Tegrata Cardamon Carrera) – 22/02/2011

We have received some new pics from totally spoilt Cooper:)




Indie(Tegrata Creme de la Creme) – 18/02/2011


She is a great. Everyday she gets better! Absolutely ball crazy! She has learned that barking gets her food. So the speak command didnt take long. She barks whenever we are eating now! So the “quiet” command will be next lol.


PADDY (Tegrata Canny Casanova) – 19/02/2011

new 009

All is going well Paddy now LOVES his walks (which you already know!!)
Training is also going really well too, as much as we have adjusted our lives to him Paddy appears to have slotted in with us really well.
There is a daily tug of war (rope pulling) going on between Paddy and our other boy Murphy (2 or 3 times a day) have found this to be the best way to let them get their differences sorted. In saying this we do have plenty of time where we find them both in the front room chewing their bones back to back or facing each other.

  • He knows his cage is a safe haven, even though he has his moments up on the sofa with us (he’s finally mastered getting on the sofa)
  • The toilet training has gone from strength to strength, accident here and there but probably more our fault than his.
  • Sleeps right through the night now, getting up at 7-8 ish.
  • Measuring at 18½ (47cm) inches to the shoulder and weight at 15 kg appox.

We find it amusing on his odd journey up and down the stairs when we have left the gate open by accident.
An instructor at our training class has told us that when a dog reaches 5 and a half months they can become quite testing and rebellious (a bit like a teenager) and then again at 10months so we will definitely be keeping up with the puppy training (don’t really want to go back to square one!!)
I’m sure he thinks he is a boxer as he loves to clump Murphy on the head with those very large paws, poor Murphy. Murphy normally gives him an unhappy growl when this happens and Paddy, most of the time, backs off but sometimes not which is one reason to start the tug of war with the knotted rope.
Paddy travels in the boot of the car to and from puppy training and seems really happy and comfortable there. He either sits up looking out the windows or will curl up and have a snooze (such a hard life!!)

new 009


Charlie (Tegrata Charming Charlotte) – 10/02/2011


Charlies training is going well and we start puppy classes on Tuesday.

She is still getting very excited and biting when we allow her into the living room…. but we are working on calming her down.

Apart from that one blip, she now walks on the lead without pulling, knows the “leave” and “off” command and the “sit”, “wait” and “down” commands are always caried out.

We have found out that she also loves turnip.


Ian & Denise



Indie(Tegrata Creme de la Creme) – 03/02/2011


Since we got little Indie home she has been a little monster! For the work that she will be doing she is showing great drives and unbelievably confident!

She bites anything that is not tied down and steals anything she can lift! I have 3 other dogs, 2 siberian huskys and a male Dobie. All the dogs are great with her. Until she demands they play with her!

She has started tracking training and is doing great. Her obedience exercises are nothing serious so just correct positioning with food. Again she is doing great with them and her prey drive for a pup of her age is awesome!

I think the quality of this litter is outstanding. The litters working drives and heritage are outstanding and i think they will excel in any working activity. Indie will be climbing the schutzhund ladder all the way to the top and i can’t wait to see how her future pans out.

Thank you to all involved in this litter!



Cooper (Tegrata Cardamon Carrera) – 01/02/2011

Cooper has gone to join the family from Bristol who recently lost their beloved dobie female at a very respectable age of 13.


cooper (2)P1010620


Bentley (Tegrata Cardinal Capone) – 29/01/2011

Madeleine’s family have always had dogs but Bentley is a first dog which is owned by Madeleine herself and hopefully they will enjoy being with each other:)


Bentley is doing brilliantly, he had his second set of jabs last week so is going to start puppy training classes next Saturday. He already has learned sit, stay, down and shake! His house training is going really well, he rarely has accidents in the house during the day as we try to take him outside as often as possible. Over night he usually has only one accident. For the first and a half week he stayed in my bedroom in his cage over night to settle in, but now sleeps downstairs where we don’t hear a sound out of him all night. He is fully confident in the garden and loves being outside, he cant wait to start exploring more, and going on short walks. We are very excited to start taking him puppy training as he has already shown us how intelligent he is!



Charlie (Tegrata Charming Charlotte) – 29/01/2011

Charlie has lovely owners- Ian and Denise(and 3 cats).


We picked Charlie up on the 10th Jan and couldn’t believe how calm she was on the journey back to Ascot.

When we got home she was introduced to her crate which had lots of kibble inside for her. On her 1st night I slept on a camp bed next to her…. And as you can imagine we both woke up snuggled on the bed. On the 2nd night I slept just outside the kitchen in view of her and after that she has settled down on her own very quickly. Last night she settled down about 11pm and didn’t wake until 7:15am this morning.

Her house training has gone extremely well with only a few accidents which have been our fault for not reading the signs quickly enough.

We started the training straight away and she now knows the “sits” “wait” “come” and “down” commands.

Last Saturday we had a “Puppy Party” where lots of our friends and neighbours came round to meet Charlie. She was very well behaved and it was a great step in her socialisation training. Soon she will start “Puppy Classes” when we find a class which we believe is suitable.

I have always had German Sheppard’s before, but as I suspected, even after only such a short time, I am totally converted to Dobermans.

Ian & Denise



PADDY (Tegrata Canny Casanova) – 22/01/2011

Paddy is the latest addition to Eugene and Sarah’s home. They already have a Jack- Russel cross breed male at home.


We have had Paddy for appox 2½ weeks and this is as far as we have come:

  • Taken to his cage.
  • No longer needs hot water bottle at night.
  • Seems to understand ‘Bed’ is the cage when asked to get to bed.
  • He has No.2’d indoors 3-4 times since arriving and has pee’d numerous times. We are trying to read his signs and are taking him to the garden more often now.
  • Hasn’t wet in his cage for over a week now.
  • Sleeps through the night from 11pm-midnight’ish until 5am ish when we hear a whimper. Let him to the garden and back to bed until we are up at 7am.
  • Appox 15 inches to the top of his front shoulder, and weighing 9.3 kg.
  • Enjoys bones (beef) which we are getting from local butcher. Very lucky, he likes Dobermanns.
  • Confidence in garden grows daily along with getting on with his life in his new home.
  • Still hasn’t managed to get on our sofa yet, back legs still not got the power. Won’t be long.

Looking forward to starting his puppy classes and being able to take him walking this week.

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