Litter D Diary

Tegrata Divine Destiny (Heidi) -16/07/2012


Heidi has just moved to the USA with her family and there is a quick update
from them-

Heidi made the trip from London to Seattle just fine and is happy and comfortable, if sleepy (jet lag?), in her new home.

Heidi is a complete superstar here. One person who was handling her actually said “this is the most amazing puppy I’ve ever seen!” she is so well behaved, calm and sweet. She’s making us very popular!

What a fabulous dog! We so love her and she gets so many compliments whenever we go out.



Tegrata Dashing Dante (Devo) – 30/04/2012


Devo’s coming along nicely, he’s very happy and get’s a regular 3 walks a day in the local park during the week and then good long walks in the country at the weekends. We will be taking him camping up to the Lake District for the first time next weekend (we’ve had to buy a new tent so he can fit in with us!). We won’t be taking him on a very long walk just yet as h’s still fairly young for such a long walk, but it’ll be a nice introduction to the hills for him. I’ve attached a pic of him taken the other day, he’s turning into a very handsome dog and get’s lots of attention of people in the park saying how good looking he is.

I’ve added another pic of him lazing on the settee, he gets into some very odd positions on his back when sleeping, usually with all 4 legs stuck up in the air!

Devo is still really great with other people and dogs. Good with kids too as we’ve spent a lot of time introducing him to kids of all ages (we have quite a big family). He’s made a best friend on the park with a Weimaraner puppy of the same age called Ronnie. We regularly meet up for walks and they have a great time playing chase and boxing with each other until they are completely tired out.

Here’s a vid of them from a while ago playing in the park together –
We also took him over to France to see my wife’s parents. The drive over there took 17 hours! (they live in South France) Devo was great. We had plenty of stops on the way and he got to stretch his legs every 2 hours. I thought he would be much harder work in the car for such a long time, but he slept for the most part of it!

Here’s another video from a beach in France –
We are still working hard on Devo’s training. For the most part he’s great, but recently he’s been getting more confident in the park and not responding to his recall just as quick as I would like. Especially if there are other dogs about. I’ve put him back on the 10 meter training line over the past couple of days to have more control, which seems to have worked. We will let him off in the park again tonight without the training lead and see if he responds better. His Sit, Stay and Heel commands are good I think for his age. We keep working at it so he’ll only improve. He does seem to love the ‘Down, Stay’ game we play the most, were he stays down and I walk away about 20 paces then he waits for me to call him over. He get’s very excited and waggy tailed when we work on this.

One problem that we have started to have over the past week is him getting stroppy when we are about to leave the park. Once we head towards the exit he gets very animated and jumps up and bites my jacket or grabs my arm with his teeth. I’ve tried several tactics to try and get him out of this habit – grabbing his collar at arms length and saying ‘No’ in a deep voice worked for a while, but now the best way seems to grab his collar, say ‘No’ then continue walking with him like this until he stops trying to attach himself to my arm/leg/jacket.

It’s odd because it’s like a switch that goes on and off. The moment he has stopped, he will be as good as gold. He will walk to heel beautifully all the way back to the house once we are out of the park. I’m hoping by doing the same each time and being consistent he will stop this behaviour. If you have any suggestions on how best to deal with it please let me know as I am keen to sort this out as soon as possible. It does tend to spoil the walk on the park, it’s hard to remain cool when there’s a 30Kg doberman puppy bouncing up and down trying to get hold of your arm! – He seems to do it only on the park, so I’m thinking that being the clever little fellow that he is, he’s clocked that at a certain point during our walk it’s nearly over and he’s making a protest!

There are more videos of him on youtube if you are interested and I intend to add some more soon….


Tegrata Dazzling Diamond (Lynk) – 11/04/2012


Hello to all of you. I just wanted to say hello and let you all know how Lynk is doing. He is now coming upto 6 month and is doing just fine. We haven’t had any major problems and he is happy healthy and fit. I try not to exercise him too much as  I worry about limb problems later in life -(not sure if this is necessary). He is still on 3 meals a day but I think we will soon go to 2. I have had a lot of time off so have been able to spend it with him, hence no extensive chewing up the house problems. We tried to get his international passport but the first vaccination didn’t bring his antibodies high enough so we are going through the process again which costs a bit!

Inguna very kindly passed by to visit us with her son. We all went to the park and had a great time.
Lynk is very smart! Active and happy, he is always ready to play. He is just coming into that age when he realizes he doesn’t have to listen to me, but I’ll do all I can to keep him in check. Like all Dobermans he has a character and I don’t want to suppress that. He';s growing super quick yet his muzzle seems a little on the small side right now. He is very popular at the local parks and has loads of friends. He gets at least 2 walks a day and we are all very happy.

A big thanks to Inguna who always answers my calls and helps me with advice and support no matter what nonsense I am saying and I hope to see some other dobermans soon.

Bye Bye



Tegrata Darling Duffy (Riley) – 03/03/2012

Riley I love sand at beach Feb 2012

Riley absolutely loves the beach!  We are thoroughly enjoying her – she has fit right in and has become a very important member of the “pack”.  Still working on training (mostly recall at this point) but she’s so smart and loves to learn new things.

As you can see in the pics, the frisbee is her absoulte favorite toy.

We’ll write again soon.
Mandy, Anthony, Isabella and Riley.

Riley waiting for Frisbee at beach Feb 2012 Riley returning Frisbee at beach 2012 Riley I love my frisbee at beach Feb 2012


Tegrata Dreamy Dusty (Ella) – 10/02/2012


Ella is doing very well and she is very happy, she is learning but obviously also sometimes forgets and we go back a few steps but that’s no big deal. She is only still a baby. I am working on her heeling. Again she can do this but like all pups does push it. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

I will say, for the first time yesterday, the hot dog worked!  I managed to keep her with me while other people were around and on meeting other dogs, I let her play for a short time took her with me and she stayed with me, where before she sometimes ran back to the dog. I realise this takes time and it has a lot to do with me too. But to be honest we are really enjoying her and in time we will get there.

Biting has become much less and jumping up is now becoming less.

Any suggestions from you I am always grateful for.I do find she works much better as one to one rather than puppy training. She loves to be with us, which we love too!

I take it , it is ok to walk her for about an hour, she could walk further but I am concerned that I was told you are not to walk puppies too far. I know you said she will let me know when she is tired. Is that still your thoughts and could she walk further? (The puppy training said 5 mins per month of age!!!!) Thing is she would be totally crazy at home if she did not get these walks. The morning one is only for about 20 to 30 mins. Evening walk approx 1 hour. Weekends morning and afternoon approx an hour each walk. Basically is it ok to walk her further if she wants too?

ella1 ella2ella3


Tegrata Dashing Dante (Devo) – 10/02/2012


Thought I would send you a quick update on Devo…

Devo’s coming along very nicely. We have our final puppy socialisation class on Thursday, he is totally the star of the class – the instructor said so herself. He gets a bit impatient during the classes because he’s bored. The things we learn are good, but seem a bit basic and we are both keen to move on to the next level of training as Devo seems to have the basics down (in class he’s golden – we are working with him to get him sharp on the commands out of class. In the park, at home etc.)

He’s getting very good at recall now also. We constantly work on this everywhere we go, rewarding him with treats when he does it right.

His walking on lead is getting much better. His heal command is excellent in class. We can take the lead off and he will obediently stay to heal when walking, stopping, turning etc. even with lots of other dogs around. Outside of class he is getting there, much more going on in the street so he loses focus a lot. But we are getting there.

He was getting into the habit of pulling all the way back to home and generally messing about – play biting ankles etc. once we were heading back home from the park. He still does this, but I stop each time and hold onto his collar at arms length until he is still. Then continue. Not sure whether this is working or not yet, but will be consistent with it and find out over next week or so!

He is certainly a high energy dog! Which is great as we are high energy people at the weekends and when we spend time with him during the wk.

He’s a definite good looker too! We are biased I’m sure because we love him so much, but everytime we go out with him we get compliments on how handsome he is.

I have attached one of the photos taken of Devo by the pro photographer. This one of the weird angle ones he took. I think it shows off Devo’s character!Another pic is Devo and Julia in his favourite place – being spoilt rotten on the settee!

Bye for now and thanks for providing us with such a fantastic dog! He really has changed our lives!



Tegrata Duke Da Vinci (Kodi)- 21/01/2012

My little Kodi is doing great, and has as you said taken everything in his stride. Everyone who meets him thinks he’s stunning. He met our vet Simon  from House and Jackson yesterday for his final injection and to get more wormer so we can get both his and Taz’s worming in sync.

When Kodi arrived home he slept in his crate for the first couple of weeks with me getting up at first every 2 hours for toilet breaks (increasing in 1/2 hour intervals) until he could make it through the night, he now sleeps snuggled up to Taz on his sofa usually with a couple of teddy bears too!

He is such a clever little guy, and will come, toilet, sit, and down on command. He has been off the long lead now and really enjoyed chasing about after Taz it was funny to watch he was almost velcroed to Taz, boinging along after him so closely, but when called still came, so was very impressed with him.

He is due to pop along to socialisation group run by our vets soon, which should be fun, he is so interested in investigating everything. The only thing he hasn’t taken too straight away is cars at night. He doesn’t bat an eyelid during the day, but at night cars have bright lights an look different, he stops and looks but i just ignore the car and carry on with a quick ‘lets go’ and he trots past them but has a good look whilst doing so. The chickens are of great interest also, so for the time being they have stayed in their run until the interest isn’t so great.



Tegrata Donnie Darko (Snoop) – 21/01/2012


Snoop is doing well, Jo has already taught him leave, sit, wait etc and he has just come back from showcasing his skills at his first puppy training class. Luckily the toilet training is also sorted now.

He’s been out enjoying walks in the local woods and has been down to the sea a couple of times too.

He’s great to have around the house but I think he may be part horse as he has a craving for carrots!!!

When he is not eating or watching horse racing on the telly then he spends his time terrorising our Daschund Kanye. Here’s a pic of them in one of their quieter moments.



Tegrata Divine Destiny (Heidi) – 16/01/2012

Heidi left our house a little bit later than other puppies and now she has very nice family – Stephanie, Douglas and their kids.


We are fine and so is Heidi. She had a good first day. Many nervous accidents in the house day one, fewer day two and this morning. She’s finding the place she likes to go outside and we are learning to read her cues. You are right, she is nearly potty trained, but one thing that slows us down is that she is so afraid to be outside. We take her every hour, but often times she’s so nervous she forgets to pee and then comes in the house and goes! She getting better each day and is slowly getting used to her neighborhood. She is now going around the block (albeit carefully)! Poor thing, we can’t blame her because wouldn’t you know it, the first night out, we saw a fox! She was none too pleased.

You asked about her sleeping. The first night was easy. Our son read her a story called “Thank You for Being You”(see attached photo) and she fell asleep. He did too right next to her crate for the whole night! She awoke only at 4am to potty and went right to sleep. Last night, we moved her crate to our bedroom where we’d like to keep it. It was in the TV room before. I don’t think she liked the move. She ran around in circles in our room, jumping and darting–we had never seen her like that. Then she peed (she was recently let out). We brought her back downstairs to sleep in the living room with my husband on the couch next to her. She liked it better. We’re not sure what to do tonight as we need her to get used to sleeping without a person next to her. Should we bring her crate back to the TV room and let her try to sleep there on her own? She’ll whine for sure. Would happily take your advice on this one.

Heidi was so sad to see the kids go to school this morning. She partly walked, and was partly carried the block and a have to the EMbankment where we sat on a bench, she in my lap, and watch the traffic and people go by. Poor thing shook like a leaf. We sat and sat until she calmed down a bit and we went home. She already knows the way! She’s super sweet and quite mellow for a pup her age. We’ll just keep working on her confidence and she’ll be totally comfortable. She already knows “sit” too!

Inguna’s comment :I think you can leave her alone, in her crate, for night. She is used to being without people. Maybe put her in a create a bit earlier, when you are near to her and she will get time to calm down. If Heidi cries- don’t take her out!!! Just tell her firmly- no! and when she is quiet tell her -good girl.

About toilet things- puppies very often forget why they are going outside, especially in first days, because there are a lot of interesting and new things.:) Before you go for a proper walk give her enough time to do her wee and poo in a place where she always does it and then you can enjoy your walking.

I dont think she is scared- puppies just dont like walking on a lead but when they get older and used to lead walking they know-lead means lot of fun:) When you are outside and she doesnt want to go anywhere just pull her gently and talk to her. As soon as she moves don’t wait until she comes to you and sits again but keep moving. Take here to the park and let her walk without a lead- she will follow you happily and its helps her to understand that she should follow you, even on a lead.
Puppies at this age usually are not happy to go for a walk through doors but when they do it-they are enjoying their walk. I normally just carry the pup outside and then put him/her on a street. It is always a bit scary to go out from a place where she is most of the day to a place with a lot of disruptions. She is only A 12 weeks old puppy. Just keep walking and show her as many places as possible.



Tegrata Don Domino (Rosco) – 05/01/2012


Sorry for the quitenss we have been busy training our little boy, well actually he its not so little now!!, he has almost doubled in weight every two weeks and is very strong fit and healthy.

He loves out doors even in the rain!!! very strange for a Dobe, he will sit on command and also wait before he is told to eat and this is with just hand signlas !!! btw he has a masive appetite, he is up to about 6oz every meal and after that he is still looking for more!

He is getting better at walking to heal, though i am not sure he really knows he is doing it !!!

Rosco is almost house trained in that most of the time he will ask to go out by walking to a door or window and toching it with his foot, he will then go out do his stuff and ask to come back in !!

However the odd time when he gets over excited he will just stop and do is tiddle, but stops if we walk over to him and will then he will carry on outside.
Off to puppy classes soon to get him to meet lots of other dogs, so i am sure he will like that.



Tegrata Darling Duffy (Riley) – 05/01/2012


Firstly, Riley is an absolute joy – she has made her Bermuda family laugh so much in two weeks!!

We picked her up from the BA flight on the 23rd of December. She was so shy and it was a bit of a chore to coax her out of the crate… she was scared and exhausted from the flight and we didn’t want to frighten her any more than she already was. We certainly understood her fear, given the long 8 hour flight. Once we coaxed her out, she was actually smaller than we had thought… pictures always make puppies (and us) look larger! We took her for a potty walk at the airport and then drove her home (she was shaking all the way home). That evening, we all sat with her, introduced her to the chew toys and had her in our laps for moments of rest. By 9pm, she had fed and had adjusted very, very well. The crating at night was tough for the first two nights – she cried and barked for what seemed like hours – although it was only for 15 mins or so. We were taking her out for potties at around midnight, 2am and then again at 5am. However, for the last few nights she has skipped the 2am potty break which was a relief! Each night, the crying in the crate lessens and most times now she’ll go straight in with no protesting. However, she certainly lets us know when she needs to go outside!

We have also found that our decision to put a “play pen” area around her crate was a godsend. This is particularly helpful for moments when none of us are able to keep our eyes on her 100% of the time. She is definitely teething – her chew toys are already showing some wear and tear! So, when she picks up one of Isabella’s stuffed animals or shoes or whatever, we immediately take it and put one of her toys in her mouth instead. She is “getting it” but we definitely have some time to go!

She’s had many opportunities to socialize, given the holiday season! She’s met lots of our friends and their children which has been great for her. You can tell, she absolutely loves the attention! We can’t wait to take her to the beach but have held off to ensure her vaccinations are up to date. Our vet suggested we wait for 10 days after her second jab (which was last Wednesday). This means she’ll be ready for her first visit to the beach this coming Saturday. She is headed for her first puppy training class also this Saturday which we all look forward to attending with her.

The bottom line is we are shocked at how quickly she has stolen our hearts – we are all besotted!!

Riley and MumRiley in actionRiley beautiful



Tegrata Dashing Dante (Devo) – 05/01/2012


We went to our first puppy class tonight and Devo really shone. He was really great throughout the class.

I’ve been working on Sit, Down and ‘Look at Me’ commands with him since we got him, but going to a class was really great – giving us much more structure to work from.

Devo was great with the other dogs at class. Not over-confident but also not too timid. He made a friend immediately with a Staffordshire terrier, it was a lot of fun to see him enjoying himself so much.

I was surprised by how ‘switched on’ and focused he was when we were in class. Totally focused on the task. What a great breed Doberman’s are! We can’t wait to practice the new commands we learnt over the next week.

Devo does tend to get very energetic at about 5pm. Biting becomes an issue during this time – its just play biting but his teeth are very sharp and he can now apply quite a bit of pressure!

We’ve tried a lot of different techniques to stop him doing this – the ‘ouch! That hurts’ and walk away method, the firm ‘No!’ in a deep voice, the ‘deep growl’ and the placing a chew toy in his mouth every time method and the water squirting method. Each works for a while then he seems to ignore us and carrying on with his biting game. Which can be quite painful.

We spoke to the trainer at class today and she recommended we channel that energy into a training session. This maybe easier said than done, as he can be very snappy and intent on attacking our legs during his ‘moments’, but we will certainly try.

Walking him on a lead has become quite a chore too. He pulls consistently over the past few days on our walks – he was walking nicely by my side a few days ago, not sure what I am doing wrong. He also tends to attack my legs when walking on lead sometimes.

Our classes cover walking on lead soon so hoping to learn techniques to avoid this.

Despite these minor issues we are having a great time with Devo and love him to absolute bits. We were so proud of him at class. We constantly get comments on what a good looking dog he is and he is always an absolute gentlemen with strangers in the street and with children.

I’ve attached a pic of him in his seat-belt harness in the back of the car to give you an idea of how much he has grown (we go for drives all the time to different walks in the country and he is brilliant in the car).

All the best,
Michael + Julia + Devo


Tegrata Dreamy Dusty (Ella) – 05/01/2012

Ella is a youngest member of Marion’s and Peter’s family.


Ella is doing very well and has been out for a walk and has been off her lead, returning to us on calling her. She does not like the lead much but I am sure she will adjust to it. Mind you, it is not easy trying to stop her from biting us, we have given her toys to her as a distraction but it does not always work, we have also walked away this sometimes works.

Ella had a great time with my son’s dog Bentley , he was here for a week with them and the grandchildren, Ella loved the grand children too!

Ella is very bright and learns quickly, she is very loving and loyal. We love her very much too!

Best wishes
Marion and Peter

Tegrata Dare Devil (Luka) – 23/12/2011


Hi Inguna, hope all the family are well, Luka has settled in very well he just takes every thing in his stride and nothing bothers him .Hes so funny at times when you talk to him, as if to say yep mum i know and sometimes chats back (high pitch bark) but not to much .His house training is all done and hes goes to the back to as to say well I’m waiting hurry up please so no more mess in the house, he also fetches his toy when you throw it and say find it he will bring it back to me, omg hes so cleaver for his age. 1 thing he loves is trying to jump into the bath we me ,and believe it its happened and he thinks its big game to play so now he has to stay out of the bathroom lol,both Mick and myself are so pleased that you let us have one of your baby’s and thank you so much you have made us complete .The lead training is not that good as he likes to chew it and play silly buggers but we will get there in time .The whole family gets up at 4.30 am and we all have breakfast together ie Tea and Toast which he loves but hes only aloud a small amount but hes not spoiled (i think so ) , his stacking is coming along very well so we will soon be off to some classes yeh .Every one that’s see him say oh how cute is he and how old as hes all huddled in his fleece blanket in my arms,the vet thinks hes fantastic breed and well breed i couldn’t agree more.Hes a happy little man that likes to please you ,but he does like his blanket (dummy) just like his dad so the fluffy dressing gown has gone to the cupboard for now hehe will send you some more pictures soon Thank you Love Mick ,Michelle, and Luka xxx



Tegrata Donnie Darko (Snoop)

Snoop is an Essex boy and will be a pleasure for Joanne, Clive and two teenage girls.

Snoop had a good first night’s sleep! His mum slept downstairs with him and he has a new best friend:)




Tegrata Dark Dracula (Loki)

Loki lives in Worcestershire and not only has a nice dad Steven but also a mum, kids and the softest King cavalier charles spaniel – Henry!


Loki is settling well and growing quick! He loves the garden and will be off to work with me in the morning. He knows his name (and comes when called) and already goes to the back door when he wants the toilet . He also sits when asked. I can’t believe it :)



Tegrata Don Domino (Rosco)

Rosco is from Bromham and is the youngest member of Greg’s family.


He has settled in really well and is enjoying the garden even in the rain !!!
Has eaten well and is already asking to go outside to poo.
We had him in his cage last night in our bedroom and got up every two hours to take him outside to toilet
We are very happy and so is he!

Tegrata Dashing Dante (Devo)

Devo lives in Manchester with his lovely owners- Michael and Julia.


The journey back to Manchester was fine, just 1 wee on the way back, the rest of the journey Devo (we decided on a name!) was fast asleep in Julia’s lap.

Yesterday was mainly spent having cuddles on the sofa. Introduced him to the crate during the day with the door open to try and make it seem less scarey.

We are both totally in love with him already. He really has a great loving temperament and loves cuddles and to play with his toys.

When we went to bed we put him in the crate in the bedroom with us. He did yelp and howl for about 10 minutes. Tried soothing him by talking to him. He did go to sleep, but he was quite loud! And it was hard listening to him in distress. Then he woke us wanting a wee about 3 times during the night. I took him out each time and straight back into the cage. Each time he would yelp and howl for a while before going back to sleep.

We are hoping it will be a bit better tonight in terms of his distress in the crate before sleeping.

Are we going about it in the right way? Ignoring him until he stops yelping? And how long will it be before he is happy in the crate?

I am worried that causing him such distress in the crate at night may mean he begins to hate the crate. Any advice you can help us on this would be great.

He has bedding in there with him, I have read about putting a hot water bottle in with him wrapped in towels. To simulate body warmth. Maybe that will help.

We’ve only had him have a couple of wee accidents in the house. I am taking him out every 2 hrs which is working very well. He is very good at going for a

wee and a poo pretty much straight away after I have said ‘go for a wee’ and I praise him for it.

Over the coming days I am going to try and get him used to being on his own in his ‘safe area’ for short periods to begin with (his Safe Area is the kitchen that is puppy proofed with crate in with door open and baby gate used to keep him there).

Second night was much better. We put him in the crate at bed time with a hot water bottle after we had been out for a wee and had a play (so he was pretty tired out). He yelped for about 5 minutes after being put in the crate and then made a few grumbling noises and fell asleep. It was so much better than the night before, so we are going to do the same routine tonight and hope we get the same result.

He wakes me with a whine and a yelp about every 2hrs in the night so I take him downstairs and out in the garden were he does his business very quickly (I don’t think he is impressed with the icy weather we are having here at the moment!) and then straight back into crate in our bedroom afterwards. He whines and yelps when i put him back in after our ‘toilet runs’ but only for a few minutes and not anywhere near as prolonged and distressed as the first night.



Tegrata Delicious Daisy (Láichín)

Láichín is now an Irish girl and has a nice family- dad Ronan, mum- Maire and two beautiful kids.


Láichín was perfect all the way back. She peed each time we stopped and she shat 3 times and never did anything in the car!
We stopped for a meal somewhere and while the others ordered, I put her in the crate, closed the door counted to 10 opened up again and said hello. Then I just kept making it longer each time and the last time I went back after leaving her for a full 5 minutes, she was snoring away!

I did the same for the boat and she was fine – she did a pee in the crate but that’s it.

I drove all the way to the boat and she slept on Máire’s lap. Half way across Ireland I hand over and she slept in my lap.

Now she’s met our cat and they’ve said a careful hello!

Second day in a new home-
Little Láichín has had a very full day so far. She nipped out to the toilet around 5 am (I slept soundly but poor Máire dealt with it).

At 9, Láichín and I dropped the kids to school and we then nipped into the university in Galway city to hand in essays I corrected last night – she dozed in the front seat for the 45 mins I was there and was very happy to say hello to my boss and charmed her to bits.

That was only the start of it – we then went to Petworld to get a water bowl and a few other odds and ends, should have taken 10 minutes but by the time everybody in the shop had hugged, snuggled and petted her, nearly an hour had gone by!!!

Quick trip to the vet and then home for another nap. Then time to pick up the kids from school, a bit of horsing about, another quick nap.
Láichín has been out to the wall to dump twice already although she has managed to pee a few times in the house!
She’s nipping into the crate for sleep all by herself and is very happy there. If something scares her, she runs to the crate – definitely home to her!

A few times this morning as she lay down, I said “lie down”. Now, if I say it, she curls up on the ground! She gets back up again but it just shows you how quick she will be to train…!!!
Napping again now!



Tegrata Dare Devil (Luka)

Luka is his mum Michelle’s most spoilt boy and lives in Milton Keynes.