Litter E Diary

Eme (Tegrata Elated Emerald) – 17/04/2013


Hello everyone,
Hope you are all well and doing great.
Just a bit of a picture update. Not much to shout about really… I’m still being a good girl and keeping my family on their toes enjoying my walks. Got lost in my local woods twice recently for about 10 minutes :(   my own doing though I didn’t listen and got over excited about running everywhere. I’m trying to calm down but its hard when your young and full of energy. Still it did give me a scare and i have not done it since (well not much anyway)…
looking forward to some sunshine soon hopefully!
best wishes to you all


Eme (Tegrata Elated Emerald) – 22/12/2012


Hello everyone…
Just a few little pictures to show how I’m getting on. I was putting on a little bit of cuddly fat recently but with a bit of work I have managed to get rid of a couple of kilos. I now weigh a nice 36kg instead of the 40kg I was.
I enjoy seeing the frost recently and get very excited when everything becomes white and cold, it still can’t stop me getting in the stream and going for a swim… can’t wait till I see snow !!!
I do still like to pull a bit when I’m on my lead but am trying to get it right. I still come back to mum when she calls or claps, she calls me a good girl !
Nearly our birthday soon cant wait to see what next year brings.
I hope all my brothers and sisters are ok
love Eme



Kaiser (Tegrata Exited Energy) – 23/10/2012


Kaiser completed his second puppy training course (for Improvers) on 14 August. He did really well and won the competition in the final week. There were only 4 dogs in the competition but we were very pleased with the result nonetheless! Shortly after this, we took Kaiser to a different dog training centre for a 6 week puppy course. The trainer had previously worked for the Police and the approach was very different. We think we have benefitted from working with different trainers and we are going to continue to practice what we have learned in different places (at home, on the street, in parks etc.).

Although Kaiser knows how to “come” he doesn’t always choose to do it! He is very good at coming back to us when there aren’t any dogs in a park but as soon as one appears he will run off. Sadly most people in our local parks do not want their dog to play with Kaiser; they think he is too big, too energetic and may hurt their own dog. An added problem is that Kaiser is mounting a lot of the dogs he comes in to contact with and this really annoys people. Some people tell us that he should not be off the lead until he is fully trained and his recall is solid. It is very difficult for us to practice the recall techniques (e.g. not going to him but changing direction and running away etc.) as people want us to deal with his behavior right there and then and take him away from their dog.

The commands that Kaiser has learned are: sit, down, wait, stay, come, leave it, take it, finish, touch, heel, look at me, ready (before play begins), fetch, find, twist (for right spin), twirl (for left spin), paw, high five and roll (although he doesn’t do a complete roll yet). We now have some agility equipment and we have started to teach him to jump over the fences (lowest setting), using the command “over”. Also we have a long pull out tunnel for him to go through but we are introducing him to it in stages by gradually increasing its size; I’m sure it will lead to many hours of fun for us all :)

Becky and Jamie







 Sasha (Tegrata Eager Eurika) – 21/10/2012


Dear puppy mummys and daddies,

It’s me, Tegrata Eager Eurika AKA Sasha. My humans have been very busy since I’ve arrived; they say I’m like having a baby in the house as I always want to play and cuddle. I’ve had a jam packed Summer! I saw my sister, Lotte, at the Dobermann rescue show and came 4th out of my class! I thought it was rather good but apparently there were only 4 of us in the whole class, whoops! My favourite pastime is going over to the super enclosed dog park; I have lots of friends there and my best friend is Bo the Dogue de Bordeaux as he’s the best at tug o’ war (even though he is VERY slobbery, I don’t mind). I spend an hour, sometimes more, there everyday and I come home knackered, it’s so worth it though!

This Summer also I spent most days down the stables with one of my humans, as she has a horse. This was a very confusing experience for me at first, for I thought they were giant dogs and wondered why they wouldn’t play! But now I’ve spent a bit longer there, I love it; it’s a nice long walk there and back, not to mention everyone down there fusses me and the horses are all lovely (and their poo tastes great too, just wish my humans would let me eat it!). So in between visiting my human’s holiday home in Suffolk, seeing the horses and watching the Olympics, I’ve had a brilliant Summer! Just hope the rest of the year will be this fun!

I’m starting ringcraft classes this week and I’m so excited! I went to watch their monthly ‘match’ a couple weeks ago and it looked so much fun (though I wish we could all be let off our leads and play, there was so many other different puppies there!)

Anyway, I better be off. There’s lots of mischief to be had. I’ve enclosed some photos my humans have taken of me! Oh, and before I go, follow me on Twitter ‘@sassydoberman’ – I update via my human’s iphone regularly!

Woof woof! Bye!













Lotte (Tegrata Elegant Eloise) – 06/09/2012


Hi everyone,

The summer has been a busy time of year, with school holidays (Not mine unfortunately :( ), Olympics’ and a lot of work and training.
Despite the fact that summer holidays weren’t meant for me I have had a really nice summer. I loved watching the Olympics-my favourite sport was dressage. Big well done to team GB- I was so excited about them and they made me proud :)

I worked very hard not only on the obedience and the tracking but in a dog show ring as well. The best show was companion dog show organised by English Dobermann club where I met my sister Sasha and we had a really lovely time. Its a shame that our humans didn’t let us off the leads because there were a lot of other dogs- but anyway- it was great!!! My mum’s saying that we did a good job all together because there were more than £3000 raised for poor dobies in shelters. I don’t know what she means by that because I don’t like the taste of money but who knowS, maybe they do at shelter?…

I also Want to say Well Done to my sister Eme and her mum Gill with their Good citizen dog training schemes Bronze award- Good job sis!:)




Eme (Tegrata Elated Emerald) – 04/09/2012


Hello all,
Just thought we would drop you a line to let everyone know how Eme is doing this month. Last week Eme passed her Bronze Kennel Club award and of course we are very proud of her. She starts her Silver classes in a couple of weeks time.

She is doing so well on her recall off lead and 9 times out of 10 comes when asked even to leave another dog she wants to play with. She totally loves the water whether its rain or small streams…. we were wondering if she is part duck actually lol !!

Unfortunately on Thursday we thought she had a rabbits bone stuck in her throat, only to rush her to the vets to find she has Kennel Cough …. she’s on her medication and has responded very quickly to it so we are expecting her to make a quick and full recovery.

Also she is about to start her first season which is a shame its come now as she properly isn’t feeling at her best right now.

Her BARF diet is going well and is enjoying a wide variety of natural foods. She currently weighs a whopping 35kg lol and still getting bigger.

She is growing into a extremely lovely girl and turns head’s everywhere she go’s. Inguna you will be very proud of the girl has has become she is supper looking and has a very loving nature. She gives a good cuddle lol.

Hope all Eme’s sisters and brothers are doing great it’s lovely to see their pictures on the puppy diaries.



Mia (Tegrata Exquisite Electra) – 26/07/2012


Hope all is well, just thought I would update you on Mia’s progress. We seem to be back on track with our recall and coming away after playing with other dogs, Mia is good at listening to leave it to joggers and cyclists, I have got a whistle now and have trained Mia to come and find me when I blow it. I use this not often but if I can’t get her attention with my voice. I have been using beter treats while walking (a biscuit every time could get boaring lol) and this is wrking well she will even walk a small distance off lead to heel while on her walk & I do a small say five minutes on and off training during her walk. Mia loves to play ball and will bring it back and give it to you. She then sits and waits /leave it to be thrown again if asked. There is also a small pond and Mia loves to run in for a stick to bring back and get soaked lol. Road walking still needs a bit more work as Mia is still very nervous of lorrys & buses but does walk nicely to heel with little correction. Mia has gone up from puppy group and enjoys her new class much more. It is a lot more stimulating for her we are now on to the stay command .Mia no longer uses her crate she is very happy to sleep on the sofa or rug & still sleeps down stairs. We have only had one minor accident where she chewed a bit of my rug ,we have corrected her every time she try’s since and think she has lerned that it is not for chewing. Mia is turning into a very obedient puppy and I will keep up with the training as we both enjoy going :)
Yvonne x



Kaiser (Tegrata Exited Energy) – 03/07/2012


We were very sorry to learn that Eric passed away. We pass our condolences on to his family.

We saw from the puppy diaries that there is another Kaiser – we also thought we were being original and took a while to choose a name. At least we know it was a good name after all!

Last week Kaiser saw his sister Lotte. They had loads of fun running around together and Kaiser was totally exhausted after. Inguna’s son took some fantastic pictures. We were very impressed with Lotte’s level of obedience; she will be a star at the dog shows. If Kaiser could be half as obedient as his sister, we would know we had done a pretty good job!

Inguna showed us very quickly how to stop him pulling on the lead while walking. We were advised to use a halti at the puppy class but Inguna’s technique works very well with a normal collar and lead.

A couple of weeks ago he disappeared for 20 mins in a park and it gave us a big scare. Inguna gave us some useful tips for recall training. We have been working on this every time we go to a park and we have seen improvement.

Kaiser passed his puppy class two weeks ago and even though we are biased, we think he did the best! However, it did help that he had his lunch much earlier in the day so he was keen to work for some food!

Kaiser attended his first improvers class last week. This is an 8 week course with a competition at the end. We hope that he will continue to do well, but of course it will depend very much on us!

Becky and Jamie

kaiserjamie10SONY DSCSONY DSC


Lotte (Tegrata Elegant Eloise) – 19/05/2012


It’s me, Lotte.

It has been a while since I wrote something in my diary but better late than never.

Generally I am doing very well. I am teething heavily at the moment and can’t really play as rough as I would like to but hopefully after couple of months it will be done and will enjoy my new teeth as much as I can.:)

I also have a big bump on the back of my head. I got it when I visited my aunty Buffy and bumped in to her feeding stand. It doesn’t hurt but everyone says it looks strange and my human mum hopes it will disappear soon.

Couple of weeks ago I went to a dog show to see what’s going on there- I absolutely loved it- so many dogs and people and everyone was friendly and happy to stroke me.

Can’t wait for my first show-I think I am the best (at least for my family lol.)

After the show we went to see the bluebells. They are nice but I think they look even better when I am sitting there. :)

Yesterday was the best day ever- we went to the sea!

Actually I didn’t see the sea because it was gone but I absolutely enjoyed a walk on the bank.

The best thing was- no one told me to stop digging- even more- the mum was happy when I dug. She said it is good for my paws. Can we go to the sea every day?!

You may now think it is all fun for me but I have to work every day- every walk is 5 minutes for obedience, still very simple and easy. :) And every evening we are tracking and now it is much clearer to me- it’s not only about eating on the field but much more about finding my human mum’s steps. I think I like that, so as far as it not too difficult but I am trying to do my best.



Eme (Tegrata Elated Emerald) – 19/05/2012

Hi Inguna,
As you know we were increasingly finding it difficult to walk Eme on her lead around our home area, as she refused to co-operate and insisted on sitting down and stubbornly not moving… when she did she would pull hard which made our walks very unpleasant. I tried everything I could think of and watched tips on YouTube etc…. nothing seemed to worked for us.

I need to say a massive big THANK YOU to you.

I came over to you on monday with the HOPE of you producing a magic wand and sprinkling fairy dust on her to make her walk happily and normally ……. and you DID !! You took her in hand and within 100 yards of walking her she had changed into a wonderfully normally walking dog ! Actually you showed me that it was me that needed to be taken in hand lol and become the leader, which I have.

Just 3 days later I am able to enjoy walking her out and about my local area and more then that SHE is enjoying her walks so much, she has had a complete change, which is unbelievable but true. I was hoping for a small miracle and you gave it to me xx

I am sure you had a little wand in your pocket that day lol….
THANK YOU so very much Inguna, Eme really is the perfect little friend now xxxxxxxxxxxx


Mia (Tegrata Exquisite Electra) – 19/05/2012

Mia met her brother Kaiser and their walk was great. Lovely to see two beauty’s running along together and playing. Kaiser is a bit bigger than Mia but they got on very well and had a great time together. We are going to meet up again for walks.

Mia is still coming along well and is a pleasure to walk,plays well with other dogs, doesn’t venture out of sight and takes notice with leave for cyclists and joggers and she follows the this way command, allways comes when I call her and sits for her lead on command. I have been consistant with routines of walking for her to sit and wait before going out the door after me, we feed her after we have eaten. Mias barking and mouthing is greatly improving. We are getting much less and rarely needs excluding now. Mia was starting to jump up when meeting people and we are working on this and this is lessening. I have a ten minute training session after Mia’s run up the common.I got Mia a kong feeder and she enjoys her lunch feed from there, Mia is very affectionate adores a snuggle.



Eric (Tegrata Emperor Elvis) – 08/05/2012

Eric the Doberman 1

02/01/2012 – 07/05/2012

We have just received some very sad news. Eric has passed away. He was run over by a car. Unfortunately none of us is protected of such things happeneing. We all do our best to protect our loved ones (pet and human kind alike) but sometimes even that is not enough. Our deepest symphaty to Paul!


Kaiser(Tegrata Earl Eldorado) – 07/05/2012

Kaiser has been with us now for almost 8 weeks. We thought we were being so original with his name, but I notice from the puppy diary that one of his brothers shares the same name – oh dear – he’ll have to be Kaiser II ! He is a real pleasure and has settled into our somewhat chaotic family very well. At 5 months he’s beginning to lose his puppiness and is turning into a very handsome teenager. His behaviour is changing too. We’ve had a few problems with him jumping up at Ed our 2 year old, but between the two of them they seem to be working it out. Ed has to realise that he is partly responsible and screaming and running around only makes Kaiser more excited, so he’s now learning to be a ‘tree’ and Kaiser is learning that jumping up at Ed when he’s being a tree isn’t so much fun! I think there’s every likelihood that they will be best friends for a very long time.

Kaiser’s recall is also pretty good. We try not to call him too often when he’s off the lead so that he checks in with us regularly and when we do call him he’s pretty good at coming back. He loves walking on the common and especially likes playing with other dogs. I sometimes have to haul him back when he gets over exciting and starts squashing smaller dogs with those enormous paws of his!

Puppy training has been going well – we did puppy preschool which was mainly for socialising, then have been doing puppy classes as well – last one next week. I’m slightly confused as to the best training methods however, as it all seems to have changed since we trained our last dog almost 12 years ago – back then it was all about establishing pack hierarchy within the household so the dog didn’t get too dominant – now it all seems to be about treat training and just turning your back if they misbehave. I’m trying to strike a happy medium and use a bit of common sense. We’ve been advised to kong feed which I don’t do at every meal, but I have to say it is brilliant for keeping him happy and occupied. The other really useful tip has been the house line which has been a real lifesaver for stopping him from jumping up and stealing Eds toys etc. We’ve been doing lots of basic obedience with him at home – he knows sit, stay, basket, walks to heel (when he feels like it). Still hasn’t quite got the concept that he’s not supposed to steal food off the counters and that the dishwasher is automatic and doesn’t need a pre-wash cycle from him – but we’ll get there!


Ada(Tegrata Exotic Enigma) – 30/04/2012

Ada is fantastic. Such a lovely nature and very willing to learn. At puppy class when the trainers need to do a demonstration on one of the puppies, Ada is always fantastic and she makes me very proud.

She has been crate trained since she came home to us and she does still wake once in the night for a tinkle.

She absolutely loves to play with other dogs. However, she really hates the rain! I walk her at 7am, lunchtime and then again at about 7pm. Yesterday it was raining so much during her morning walk that she was not happy getting her feet in the mud and wasn’t even that interested in the two other dogs that we were walking with. Very unlike her.
Everyone comments on how beautiful she is and I have already given one person your details so hopefully she will get in touch if she has not already done so.
She now does, sit, down, turns to the right, turns to the left, leave it and come. She will happily to these for a piece of cheese. She is pretty good on the lead but sometimes the temptation of my sons legs bobbing up and down when he is on his scooter, is just to much to ignore!

I am feeding her the IAMs biscuits and raw beef mince plus chicken. She really enjoys pigs ears and her other favourite is a nice bone (my freezer is full of them) and she has one most days.






Kaiser (Tegrata Exited Energy) – 30/04/2012

Kaiser has been with us for almost 8 weeks. He is growing very quickly and now weighs 39lbs.

He continues to sleep in his crate during the day and at night. As well as referring to Iguna’s notes, we found excellent advice on crate training here:
We taught him the “Kennel” command by first feeding him his main meals in the crate. We left him in the crate for short periods after feeding, then let him out and led him straight to the garden to go to the toilet. Initially he only whined for about 4 minutes after being fed in the crate but then went to sleep. As expected, Kaiser learned the Kennel command very quickly. We stopped feeding his main meals in the crate after the first couple of days as Dobermann’s are susceptible to chin spots and we needed to be able to wipe his mouth straight after his main meal. To make sure he continued to go inside his crate after eating we slightly reduced the amount of food in his main meal (IAMS biscuits soaked in water), wiped his mouth after eating, then said the “Kennel” command and fed him the remaining dry biscuits in his crate. This routine works very well. It ensures that he does not exercise after eating, it helps with toilet training and it gives us some time to ourselves!
We have bells hanging on a string on the back door which we always ring before going out in to the garden. Kaiser is learning to ring the bell to tell us that he wants to go outside. He did really well and didn’t pee in the house for about two weeks but with the wet weather he is reluctant to go outside and unfortunately there have been some accidents.

In our first diary we mentioned that Kaiser had stopped biting and mouthing people’s skin but unfortunately not long after he started doing this again. We tried saying “ouch” and walking away but he followed us, grabbed our legs and started biting us from behind. We then tried a few other things like staying still and saying “NO” in a firm voice, re-directing the behaviour by throwing a toy and telling him to “Fetch”, and finally taking him to an isolated area in the house with access to the garden. These actions normally work but sometimes Kaiser will carry on biting when we re-unite with him and for the last two weeks he has being growling and barking at us.

Kaiser had his first walk at 13 weeks. He pounced on the little dogs he met and was scared of the larger dogs but after a couple of walks he was fine and always plays nicely. We went to a couple of different GCDS centres to try out their puppy classes and we chose the one with more trainers present so we would have more one-to-one attention. We’ve noticed that Kaiser has the most energy out of all the puppies in the class and is easily distracted. At first the trainers and puppy owners thought he would be the naughty one in the class but once acquainted with his fellow class mates Kaiser’s training goes very well and he surprises everyone with his cleverness and good level of obedience.

Becky and Jamie


Suki (Tegrata Ebony Empress) – 21/04/2012

Suki has now got her passport and has had all her jabs, she has a lovely temperament, she is curious about everything and has reacted well to all people, animals and things that she has come across so far, nothing seems to make her uncomfortable,she is even enthusiastic to see the vet. She has had a couple of baths already to help clear up the spots she had which were bothering her, but even that didn’t phase her. One of our cats follows us when we go for a walk, he hides in gardens and then races past Suki enticing her to chase him which is giving us lots of opportunities to train her not to chase. She is developing a very headstrong character, being very good at walking on the lead when she wants to be. I think that being around the Austrailian Cattle dog, who is ball and fetch obsessed, has been good for her, they spend lots of time playing tug together and Suki will fetch and return sticks, balls and toys when she is walked on her own. Car training, she is quite happy in the car when she can sit with someone, but whilst she happily sleeps in her bed inside the crate, she objects strongly to the being inside the crate when its in the car. Any suggestions on how to stop her loud howling and to settle her would be more than welcome as we are taking her to france in June. I am going to try giving her her weekly bone inside the crate in the car while its stationary.

She is a wonderful dog and we are all entranced with her.

Yours Anne



Lotta (Tegrata Elegant Eloise) – 20/04/2012

My name is Lotta and I am living with my mum Adele, grand mum Tita and of course my human family. The first 8 weeks of my life were like dog heaven- my mum took good care of me and my brothers and sisters but then- some strangers came and took away my brothers and sisters. I was confused, very confused!
But, never mind, such is life!
Now I am 3.5 months old and to be honest- I really enjoy my life in my family. Every day I spend a lot of time with my human mum Inguna and together we are learning a lot of new and strange(in my opinion) things. I don’t know why she is feeding me on a field but she calls it- tracking and tells me that it will be necessary for a good working dog. I also know already how to nicely and correctly sit next to mum when she tells me- heel, to come back when she calls me and as a reward I always have a little( why is it always so small?!) piece of sausage.
I love my walks – there are lots of nice dogs and people around and I am happy to say hello to them, and spend some time playing with dogs. Sometimes I am bit scared if they come to me to fast(you know, you never know what to expect) but if they are nice and polite- I love them :)
I have to say that being a puppy isn’t easy. Every evening I am so tired of my adventures! The good thing is – the next day will bring new ones:)
I have to go, my mum is calling me for a walk!






Eme (Tegrata Elated Emerald) – 10/04/2012

We are pleased to introduce our lovely little Eme. She is now 13 weeks old and weighs a healthy 12kg !! Already we can see a big growth spurt since we picked her up 3 weeks ago.
She has settled in wonderfully and we are hoping she is not missing her doggy family too much; we are giving her lots of hugs & cuddles. Just over the past few days she has not had any wee accidents at all in doors and we are particularly proud of her as she has got quite a nasty wee infection going on but is on medication and doing well. She totally loves raw bones. We haven’t had any issues with chewing chairs etc… watch this space though!

We are going for lots of playing walks in parks, which she loves, but only the last 2 days I have been able to walk her around the road, she is quite scared of cars and motorbikes and will sit down and not move when they go by! Still she’s getting better by the day.

We have taught her to sit & wait for treats.

She is or should I say try’s to be dominating, and this is something we are not letting her get away with lol.
We are looking forward to seeing her grow and become the lovely dog we know she will be. :)

Eme 13 weeks oldEme12w.jpg


Kaiser (Tegrata Exited Energy) – 17/03/2012

Kaiser has now been with us for 1 week and 5 days. He has slept in his crate since day 1 and is now starting to go in to the crate in the day to rest without us encouraging him. He is making progress with his toilet training. He knows to do a poo in the garden but he has the occasional wee inside.

Kaiser quickly learned not to bite people’s skin and it is rare for him to mouth people. However, he has started to bite and hang on to people’s clothing when he is at his most excited state. We are working on this and hope to see an improvement in the next few days.

Kai has plenty of toys so he may seem a bit spoilt but we are determined to protect our furniture! It is difficult to know what games to play with him as we are aware that we shouldn’t do things that may lead to aggressive behaviour (e.g. chasing games and tug of war). Yesterday we played Monkey in the Middle to teach him the “come” command and this seemed to work well and Kaiser enjoyed it. We have also taught Kaiser “sit”, “stay” and “down”. Next we are going to try and teach him to “leave it”.

We joke that Kaiser has crazy eyes when he plays with his toys – we’ve attached a funny photo so you can see what we mean! Many people, including the vet, have remarked on the size of his paws, apparently he is going to be a very big boy!

Kaiser has certainly been hard work but he is teaching us a lot and hopefully we are teaching him too!

Becky and Jamie

Inguna’s comment:

None of the games could develop aggression. Games are developing dog’s pray instinct(drive) and strengthening your relationship.

Please be careful with information that you read – you can find a lot of good advice and absolutely stupid as well. I am always here to help you with anything.


Eric (Tegrata Emperor Elvis) – 13/03/2012

Jack and Eric
Jack my Weimaraner was a bit perplexed when Eric arrived but now loves him. When Eric is crying in his cage at night to get out and play, I’m trying to ignore him but Jack starts crying as well. Eric loves Jack and chases after him all the time.

He loves his bones, raw meat and yogurt and eats really well, even tries it on when Jack is feeding.

He’s nearly there with housetraining. He knows to poop in the garden but still needs more with his tinkle after waking up. He’s down to one middle of the night wake up and walk outside for his business.

He has a crazy half hour in the morning, then settles down being mischievous.

He’s stopped biting my hand at last having had the discomfort of my finger stuck in his throat when he does:)

He gets his red collar today and I can start his training on that.

We make a lot of eye contact now especially when I’m talking to him. He so cute.

So, I’m very happy with him and he with us.



Suki (Tegrata Ebony Empress) – 13/03/2012

my gardening bag
She has grown enormously since we have had her. A bundle of fun, but hard work. She has been to the woods and the beach, and has had some early walking on the lead around the block. Nothing seems to bother her, she accepts new environments really well, but howled in the back of the car when I had to take her to the vets, I think it was because she was on her own, as when she is travelling in the back when other people can fuss her she’s fine.

I am hoping to take her to training classes to socialise her with other dogs next week.
She has met the grandkids who are 5 and 2 and she was extremely well behaved, she seemed to instinctively sense that she needed to be gentle with them. She is giving Mia, the other dog, a second puppyhood which is brilliant, I seperate them a couple of times a day, to give them both a rest from each other which seems to be working well.

Suki is only waking up once in the night to go to the toilet now, and has only had a few accidents in the house.
We love having her, and she has settled in happily.

surveying my domainSwanage beach 1st visitthis spot is warmlearning to dig sand