Litter F Diary

Bella(Tegrata Foxy Fiona) 12/01/2014

Bella (5)

Hi All,

Well what a time we have had since our last entry – lots of ups and downs.  To start with and the biggest thing, Bella bouncing back impossibly quick after her keyhole PDA surgery, which was such a nerve wracking time for us but she is better than new now and our very own bionic pup  .
She has grown into a little smasher, she was a gorgeous pup and an even better looking young lady; and she is just that, as she recently came into season for the first time so our little baby is growing up fast.

Bella loves to work and really comes into her own when we are doing her training sessions be it at home or at the classes, we also attend ring craft every few weeks. She knows several commands, the basics day to day stuff then the bits we do as tricks, higher obedience etc.  I get such amazing focus in training that it makes it so much more frustrating that in the real world we still haven’t cracked a loose lead walk, so much so, my trainers thought I was exaggerating when I repeatedly asked for help in this area as Bella will walk to heal in training on or off the lead perfectly with turns and change of speed as if she is glued to my leg at times lol. I was nearly pulled off my feet a couple of times recently when pheasants shot out of the hedge line and ran up the road in front of us, so I have resorted to a head collar hopefully for a short while only, to help me as I pulled my back and was really struggling to get her focus once distracted which made the walks a miserable and frustrating experience. We have sort more support in this area with a scheduled one to one with a very experienced trainer that knows Dobes first hand and hope that if we keep working on it that as she gets older it will all drop into place and I won’t need to use the head collar at all, as she fights against it but at least she can’t get up the momentum to pull me off my feet. She is now just under 26 inches and about 26kg in weight (or was it 24 I forget now), so anyway a little freight train covered in fur lol.

I have to say that it was reassuring to read that Dexter’s mum and Dad have the same concerns about off the lead walking as we do; as Bella can get up some real speed and although she virtually always comes straight back when whistled she has covered so much ground so quickly she can be out of sight in a matter of seconds. Luckily most of the people we have met so far when out have been very understanding when she comes charging over to them but my biggest concern was her bouncing people, as she gets so excited she sometimes forgets her manners and has used the occasional person as a springboard with all four feet!!! which as you can appreciate I am both mortified and highly concerned at. We also have the same issue of Bella over guarding when people and dogs appear from no where since her season but so far only when she is on the lead.  She also has an extremely high prey drive but I hope to be able to channel that into tracking, agility and canix as she gets older. She was really enjoying her little taster jogs (just an extended stride for her and a slow jog for us while she is still growing), before her season started and we invested in a harness for me to wear and Bella has a padded harness, we all find this way of jogging her so much fun and look forward to being able to jog her properly as she gets older.

Bella hates to walk through puddles on our walks but amazingly loves swimming with a passion, she gets so enthusiastic she launches herself off the top step in stead of gracefully going down them as the others do, we did have an issue when she was waiting her turn while our other two dogs had theirs, she got herself in the excited state but after getting advice from Inguna, we can normally nip this in the bud with body language and a stern reprimand  So to sum up the last couple of months we have had plenty of Dobe Heaven and the occasional Dobe Hell to balance it out lol, she has most definitely been our biggest challenge dog to date and the nursery rhyme that keeps springing to mind is the little girl with the curl, you know the one, when she is good she is very good but when she’s bad she’s horrid ! She has so much potential and hopefully we are helping her more than hindering and continue to strive to work towards a well balanced well behaved young lady .

My trainer suggested a few months back that I could be doing too much with her and that she needed to learn to switch off and relax while I got on with other things, I was surprised to hear it but it made so much sense as I didn’t have much time left to myself at the end of a day after walks and training sessions and Bella never seemed to want to rest in the day, so had to find ways to keep her entertained for most of it.  Anyhow Bella has now learnt to settle down alot quicker and although our schedule is slightly less, we continue to teach her new tricks and commands to keep her mind active, at the moment we are still working on speak and quiet – then Matt would like us to teach her to jump into our arms, so will work on that next.

She gives 100% when training and her cuddles and kisses are given freely especially of an evening when she is her most relaxed and just wants to be with us which is utter bliss. She still pinches things if she thinks she can get away with it, even if we think we have put it out of her reach she likes to prove us wrong and delights in not only sneakily getting the desired item but slinking off with them on to one of the many dogs beds around the house – usually the furthest away from where you are lol. She pushes the boundaries constantly with our other two very calm dogs and they will tell her in no uncertain terms when they have had enough (unfortunately she mostly ignores Libby’s attempts at stopping her and we sometimes have to step in as Lib’s legs aren’t what they used to be at nearly 12 years old, or Kodi will step in and get her to go and play with him instead..

She has a snuggle blanket (an old jumper of mine she always loved from the day we brought her home) that she suckles on so we have had to cut it into 3 pieces so we can keep on top of washing it, as she uses it every day when she is settling down and is soooo cute to see.  We still make a point of picking her up occasionally so she continues to be none plussed by it as one of our other dogs hates to be picked up, so wanted to make sure Bella wasn’t bothered.  I picked her up at an agility show we went to watch recently to give her a cuddle, much to my friends amusements as they all have little dogs that they regularly pick up but thought me picking her up was hilarious, we didn’t care and enjoyed our little cuddle. The only down side to watching agility is that she doesn’t like other dogs barking which there is alot of as you can imagine, this usually sets her off barking for a while, so we are hoping keep taking her to the odd show will de sensitise her ready for us being able to take her to training when she is old enough.

Bella is alot more flexible than I expected her to be and is quite body aware so excited for her to try agility,we have been given some non impact manoeuvres to start to teach her ready for in a few months time when we can do it for real as she can virtually turn on a hair pin like Kodi can – so I assume he has been teaching her the tricks of the trade while playing on the paddock (well trying to out manoeuvre her anyway lol)

There is sooooo much more we could tell you about her but I realise that its already a bit of a marathon message so we will save it for the next entry. Hope you like the photos unfortunately the quality isn’t brilliant as most of the recent ones were taken on our phones, the only problem was choosing which ones to send  x

TTFN, Gill, Matt, Libby, Kodi and Bella x



Dexter(Tegrata Faithful Frank) 25/10/2013

Picture 004

Hello F Litter

Dexter is doing very well with most things although he is heading into the dreaded teens and so we have to work harder on his training and discipline now. There are lots of things that are getting easier like walking on the lead, jumping up, digging the garden and general obedience is good. Chewing is better but can’t be trusted! He went through a stage where he would get over excited and jump up and nip me but he seems to be getting over that as we disciplined him quite hardly for it – pushed him to a down position and say NO and wait until he calms down.    His two strongest commands are “down” and “wait”.   We make him wait every time we go through a door or let him through a gate or cross a road as his safety is priority for us.  He is very good at this as he realises he doesn’t get anywhere by disobeying.    He loves Fish4Dogs sea jerkys and will work quite hard for these.  We also use wait on the walks so if he starts running off a bit far we gets his attention – usually I whistle and shout “wait” with a hand signal and when he waits he gets a tasty treat – sometimes we find this works better than a full recall. He’s off the lead walking makes us anxious in certain situations like woodland paths or bridleways as he does have a tendency to go running off too far out of sight when he gets a bit more confident into the walk and gets bored of playing with us, even if we try to get him to wait or recall him.  If he encounters someone coming from nowhere he will run up and bark at them especially runners, horses or cyclists so we tend to keep him on the lead when it is not in an open field where we can’t see what’s about.  Hopefully he will grow out of this with some training.  When he does walk past someone that comes from nowhere on the lead and doesn’t bark we praise and treat him well but it is work in progress with about 50% success rate at the moment!  He is fine walking where there are people and no surprises like the town centre. We are also nervous of letting him off where there are other dog walkers as they can get upset when a boisterous 30kg Doberman starts running towards their little pooch! So we tend to keep him on the lead at the moment until we are in a quiet field and there are a few around us so it’s not too much of a problem.  It just takes the stress out of the walks a bit. He is getting about 3 shortish walks (60-90mins) a day at the moment but we are gradually increasing them.  He has the energy to go on but we are always mindful of his joints.   He is also very vocal and we are working on this, especially when it is inappropriate.  Inguna kindly gave us some tips.

He still loves to ‘play’ with the cats and sometimes we are sure they tease him!  It’s not a big problem as most of the time they are fine.  Still some work to do in this area!

Dexter is our best friend, he is the most well tempered and loyal dog, he is incredibly affectionate and in the evenings after his hour of terror he will come and lay between our legs or if he is really good between us on the sofa.  He is always pleased to us no matter how he feels and that is the best thing!

Here are some photos of our recent trip to the lake district

Picture 002

Mack(Tegrata Fantastic Ferrari) 10/06/2013


Hi Inguna and puppy diaries this is an update on Tegrata Fantastic Ferrari AKA Mack.

Well after leaving Inguna and the gang Mack soon settled in, he was really good in the car, didn’t wriggle too much and didn’t barf once…… hooray!
The introduction to Poppy our older dog went well, she invited him into our house and all seemed well until she released that he was actually going to stay for good! I totally misjudged this and its a lesson hard learned, Inguna’s advice helped us manage the situation but my Mum offered, after ‘borrowing’ Pops on previous occasions, to kidnap her, it seemed best and she is now being spoilt silly in her doggy retirement home, that’s the sad bit of the story but only for me coz I miss my little friend.
However there really isn’t that much time to be feeling sorry for myself, Mack has a personality and appetite to match those enormous feet of his, Mia and he have an understanding, Mum and Dad must be kept moving at all times! They are currently practicing scootering, I haven’t got to my camera quick enough to capture it but the two of them can actually manage a few ‘scoots’ now. Mack is so much better at not leaping all over the kids than he is with adults, he really tries so hard not to jump at all though. Training classes are hilarious but mainly because I don’t know my left from my right, he’s doing really well and I have to get it right because he does pay attention (well most of the time) so if it goes wrong its my fault. He can ‘look’ (got commended on this by instructor), sit, down, heel, wait, recall is pretty good although I did have to ‘walk away’ once, got really scared doing it but he came galloping back, phew! and we are progressing nicely. His new crate is decorated with Mia’s old cot bumper and I think it helped because he’s always settled really well in it, we can leave him on his own without drama and he’s getting the hang of asking to go out for wees etc.
Mack’s been to work with me, to the Herts show with Mike and Mia, he did really well at the vets (I was more traumatised by his jab than him) and meets and greets everyone with a woof and a wag of his tail, not everyone knows exactly what breed he is but all comment on his good looks. He still spends quiet time gazing into the sky and loves snuggles on Dads lap (I know) gives amazing ear kisses and sucks away on his side sometimes like great grandaddy Bracco. He’s cheeky, naughty, determined and so loveable, thank you so much Inguna for letting Mack bring a bit more chaos to our lives because we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Emma, Mike, Mia and Mack

Lana(Tegrata Femme Fatale) 10/06/2013


Femme Fatale (Red Collar) is such a lovely puppy in every way & we couldn’t be happier. We have given her the call of “Lana”. She has adjusted to living in Hong Kong & with our family very well.

Everyday we have been out-and-about socializing her. At first, she was frightened of excited dogs. We have built up her confidence by introducing her to calm dogs only. We have gotten her to the point where she no longer frightened. We will slowly introduce playing with high energy dogs when she is a bit older. Other than that, there hasn’t been anything else that bothers her. We have introduced her to everything we could think of… vacuums, sirens, fireworks, thunder, bicycles, livestock, running children, various surfaces, Dremel on nails, the ocean, etc… she has not reacted poorly to anything.

Lana is a dream to train. Honestly, I cannot imagine there is an easier dog anywhere. We were very surprised at the amount of focus she has as a 3 month old puppy. We read an article online by Karen Pryor called “101 Things to Do with a Box” and were inspired to try it with Lana. In 3 days we have trained her to circle a box, to push the box across the room with her paws & to put her two front feet on top of the box. The best part is she LOVES doing it. She gets excited when she sees me getting the box out and, in turn, that makes US excited.
Our daughter & Lana are already the best of friends. They are constantly running about & playing tug. It’s hard to say which one likes the squeaky toys more! Lana has gone to our daughter’s school many times now & has several admirers there. She has been well behaved & often sits or lies down so the more “dog shy” students can come over and stroke her too. She is very charming.
Our cats & Lana are getting used to living with each other. Lana will try to play with them if she is feeling bored. Usually that happens first thing in the morning when she is most energetic & we are the most busy & distracted. Lana’s “play with the cat” turns into a game of “chase the cat”. Until our daughter leaves for school, I tie Lana’s lead to my waist & that has helped a lot. As long as the training & exercising continues, we know the behavior will eventually stop.
Thank you so much Inguna for this wonderful girl – we absolutely love her to bits! Thank you as well for all your time & help. You really went the extra mile to help us by answering all our questions & getting Lana here to Hong Kong. We wish you all the best!
The Wallace Family

Ludo(Tegrata Famous Fabian) 31/05/2013












Hi All,
Just an update on beautiful boy Ludo,
On getting ludo home he settled very quickly and did not have one sleepless night not even a cry. He’s pretty much completely house trained, he crys at the door to go out and to come back in, just a small accident if he’s busy playing. He loves his new brother they’re like best friends now. He now sits on command without treats and gives paws. He will lay and roll on command when he feels like doing them ones. He’s doing well on his recall, we take him to the big field let him off and he walks by our side or may go within a meter away but will come and sit when he’s called. We took him to a busy market yesterday, he was a little nervous at first but then loved all the attention he got. He didn’t like the lead at first but is now walking pretty good and he knows we must sit when we get to the road. He’s getting used to the car and going on short journeys. He loves to give you kisses, he barks at his own reflection lol it’s cute. He also loves the treadmill, you put it on, start walking there he is on it with you and if we turn it off and he ain’t finished he will sit on it and uses one paw to try move it. Nights were great till last night when we had been brave and let him stay down stairs we woke up to a half chewed box and speaker. In the pic we caught him trying to eat the other dogs food but he was too small to reach the bowl lol xx

Dexter(Tegrata Faithful Frank) 25/05/2013

Our first two weeks with our little Dexter…

He sat on our kitchen floor when we got him home and he looked up at us and we looked at him all of us thinking “ok what next?!”

The first night we took turns to stay up and keep him company and ensure he didn’t feel alone. We left him for an hour or so in the morning and he whined at first but soon settled. Two weeks on and he now sleeps right throughout the night without a sound. We do warm a little snuggy up for him which gives him some comfort before heading into the land of nod. He loves his crate as we have made it a positive experience for him. We also have the ipod playing when we are not in the kitchen and he seems to like Sade!

The training is going well and he is sitting at command without treats now. We are currently working on “stay” and “Dexter here” (recall) and both are coming along well although mainly with the aid of treats but he is making excellent progress. He never ceases to amaze us with his desire to lean and his intelligence. He is fetching and starting to drop too.

We do have spells where he grabs a leg and mouths a bit and we try to physically ignore repeating” leave it” when he does let go we praise him and if we have a treat to hand then give him a treat as well.

He goes into puppy day care 3 days a week and he is absolutely loving it and has made some new friends – Bentley the Bulldog and Hugo the German Shorthaired Pointer, He is socialising very well with the other dogs in care and it is great for him as he gets to travel in the Dog Mobil and experience a different environment. Suzi his day carer say his very good. All the neighbours absolutely love him and he is the star of the street! Last weekend we carried him into pets at home just to get him out and about and he caught lots of peoples attention!

The cats are inquisitive of him and they keep venturing into the kitchen – only to be chased! But then they keep coming back for more! We are sure they will all be playing nicely soon!

Dexter loves people and is always happy to greet visitors. He is confident, happy, friendly and everything you could ask for in a dog. He has even started to help me dig the patio in the back garden (his choice)!

What a dog! We love him very much and are looking forward to watching his development.

Andrew and Clare Ledger.


Bella(Tegrata Foxy Fiona) 21/05/2013

Bella PD (5)

Hi Everybody,

Congratulations on joining us in being the proud parents to one of “The F Litter”. Our gorgeous edition is called Bella, hopefully as you can see from some of the pictures she has settled in nicely with us and her new brother and sister. She is a smart little cookie and loves her 5 minute training sessions, she asks to go out to do her business when she is in the crate over night (down to one visit a night), and tries to indicate when she needs to go during the day so we haven’t had any accidents in the house for about a week now which is brilliant.

She will “Sit” with voice or hand signals, “Down” is very good and getting quicker each day, “Stand” is coming along nicely from a sit or down, ”Paw” is very good on both legs and her wait is up to 10 seconds as of today so really pleased with that. Her recall was brilliant until a few days ago when she developed selective deafness and takes longer to respond – so we will be working on that again. She will sit and give eye contact to wait for her food dish to be put down and we are working on the wait for the food when the bowl goes down as that is just too much temptation for her as food is her favourite thing above all else. She gives ‘Kisses’, freely but is biting quite hard still when she is tired /hungry or needs to go out when she is playing so we are working on this with thanks to Inguna’s recent advice. She walks quite nicely off the lead to “heel” on our left and “side” on our right when we train but doesn’t always want to when we are not training, she will walk well on the lead in the house and round the paddock, although again in the last few days she prefers to hold the lead in her mouth while we walk so trying to dissuade her from this habit although again not too bothered by it as she seems to be going through a faze.

We are booked in for Puppy training class and ring craft class the following week, now she has had her second vaccination she will be able to go out with us for a walk next weekend instead of being carried, so really looking forward to that and to starting the classes. She has a great nose on her and can sniff out chicken poo a metre away when we play down the paddock, much to our distaste as then she eats it if we don’t get to her first, lets hope it helps her with her tracking training.
She isn’t fazed by much and if something does spook her, she soon calms down and only then do we move on; so far the cows in the neighbouring farmers field have been the scariest with the ride on mower and chain saw coming in a close joint second, but we are pleased to report that after the initial scare she doesn’t react to them anymore only just to keep an eye on them which is fab.

She loves everyone she meets, adults and children alike so really proud of her, we hope to introduce her to a lot more when she can go down as we can take her out with us to different places that don’t involve getting back within the hour so she can toilet, but she has been exposed to quite a lot just being carried around in fact the trip to the train station to watch the trains was the last outing, she was a little nervous of the first train, then she just watched the second with interest and the third she lay her head back down so we went home, mission for the day accomplished.

Everyone that meets her comments on her lovely colour and how bold she is, not being fazed and greeting them with enthusiasm. She is learning to keep all four feet on the floor in order to get that sought after attention, its asking the attention giver to abide by the rules that is proving hard, we get a lot of “Oh I don’t mind”, which we have to say “well we do and we are trying to teach her this is how she needs to ask for attention”. She is getting better and will sit with her tail swishing from side to side in rapid succession looking at you with those adore me eyes.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I look forwards to reading more new diary entries as they come along.

Gill, Matt, Kodi, Libby & Bella

Roxy (Tegrata Fairy Florence) – 16/05/2013

Week one-


Learnt to sit on command – treats are a wonderful thing,
Jumps upwards on the command of “up”, front paws onto lap,
Will bark to the command of “speak” with the help of her squeaky pig……not without the pig  :roll:
The command of “Roxie come” worked now and again. Treats helped……again. Also helped her sitting and defiantly refusing to move on her short walks next to traffic. Not happy with traffic.  😕
Command “paw” perfect when asked, but this trick always naturally follows the command “sit”, normal I guess,
Poos on floor ended as soon as we opened her crate and gave her a “puppy mat den” the other side of her crate,
Night time whining stopped immediately she had her crate moved from bedroom to sitting room with an enclosed puppy pad space – only two nights of lost sleep!
Met out friend’s Shitzu, a lovely relationship in the making?
She met another friend’s Labradors, played but nervous with the excited one…
Week two-
Beg – raise our fist up above her head, and say “beg” – getting there, but still jumping a little,
Now settled into routine. Still wees on floorboards when not supervised,
Finds “ultimate satisfaction” from finding shoes (and other objects) from elsewhere and taking them to her crate for a chew – she is NOT to be trusted with my girlfriend’s new Jimmy Choos. She takes as much satisfaction from my daughters old trainers, though, than the “jimmy” thing, she’s not YET developed expensive taste  😈
Week three-
After many treats has now started to lay on command, with hand to floor, so (actually) not quite to command, although she makes moves towards laying,
We’ve all noticed her growing – longer – not much taller but growth is obvious,
Had to replace my daughters football boots, she cleverly left us at the dinner table and distracted herself  😈
Poo next to back door, which was closed – she needs to be taught to ring the bell  😉
Early thoughts-
A wonderfully adjusted dog, unable to understand the cats don’t want a canine playing with them, constantly (if at all), but friend of all.
One bad thing, she likes open mouthed mouthing and another, whines when we eat our food and she gets none. Ha! Unlucky pup, but that doesn’t stop you being the final member of our family.
Absolutely wonderful dog.  😀
Roxie is a dream dog!