Litter G diary

Tegrata Gorgeous George(Max)


Max joined Karl’s and Angela’s family in Lancashire. Karl&Angela are the owners of Ciara who is one of Adele&Vincent Vega puppies and we are very happy that when they decided to extend their pack they came back to us :)

IMG_0823 IMG_0839

An update on Gorgeous George!!! MAX.
We had a pretty good journey home to Sunny Lancashire and the first introduction to his auntie Ciara was successful and although the first night wasn’t brilliant we did get a few hours sleep.Since the first night he manages to stay asleep until 6am which is fine because its our getting up time anyway. Although when he does wake up it doesn’t go down too well with Ciara who likes to hit the snooze button in the morning!! and doesn’t appreciate her tail being chewed in the morning or her ears pulled so she gives him a couple of growls and he is learning to back off until she decides to¬†participate in a bit of play with him.

He loves to chill in his crate and we have a few cries when we go out of the room but they don’t last long.

He has been out and about with us and has loved the attention he has had from everybody and everybody who has come up to us have said that Ciara is a stunning dog so we think we are going to have a very talked about pair of dogs when he grows up. :)

He loves his food and we manage to supervise both him and Ciara¬†eating side by side which is funny because when they both finish they swap dishes which we don’t discourage because we don’t want any sign of aggression.

Max is a little nipper and we are trying to discourage it.

He has had his second Jab and doesn’t have an issue with the vets. Good boy!!!