Dog Training

Dog obedience training and canine behaviour has always been a passion of mine. Having had dogs for over 20 years and having worked professionally with them for over 15 makes me appreciate it more and more.

Veterinary nurse by profession, I have extensive experience in dog training in professional and personal capacity. I am a member of B.I.P.D.T.(British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) and have worked as a Customs Drug dog handler for 10 years and as a Customs Search dog instructor for over 5.

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers


Although my work has been mostly with search dogs, I am passionate about obedience work and have personally trained my own dogs. As a breeder I always take grate care in socialising all the puppies before they leave our home.

London dog obedience training

All my dogs have been obedience trained to high standard, Tessa was crowned the European Champion of World Customs Organisation Championship for drug search dogs with IPO obedience in 2003, Galaxy is BH, IPO1 (FCI term for Schutzhund) and ZTP trained, Adele has BH and ZTP tests and my youngest female Lotte passed BH at age of 17 months and she has IPO-1 title under her belt too.

As well as great practical experience I also hold a World Customs Organisation’s (WCO) certificate of Dog Instructor training as well as various search dog trainer (firearms, drugs, tobacco, explosives) and a certificate of referee for search and defence dogs.

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East London dog training sessions

I offer various kinds of dog training in East London area including socialising, basic obedience, training for IPO or ZTP, I am also happy to work with dogs labelled as “problem” dogs regardless of their breed or age.

I work in a natural environment (park, field, street) because I believe that a dog has to be obiedient and able to work on a daily basis not only on a training field or at an indoor training class. For the best result I sugest one session per week but some people choose to come every other week and it works for them too.
Training session is around 1 hour long and costs from £35.

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