Dobermann Puppies


Suitable as family pets, Show and/or Working dogs


We sell Dobermann puppies for all interests, whether that be as family pets, show and/or working dogs.

doberman puppies for sale

We are happy to advise you on which puppy will be best suited to your needs andcircumstances.

All of the Dobermann male and female dogs used in our breeding scheme are carefully selected.

We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure well-balanced and healthy dogs.

All our females are health tested and we select males who have been health and preferably temperament (ZTP) tested too.

Well balanced temperament and character

When selecting dog’s to breed our puppies from, we consider not only the dog’s exterior but even more importantly their characters and temperaments.

Here at Tegrata Dobermannns we think having a dog should bring joy to his/her owner and who would want to have a scared or even aggressive animal?

Dobermann puppies whelped at home

Our puppies are whelped at our home and therefore are used to human companionship from day one, they are familiar with all the household noises, our children, other dogs and even strangers who visit us. This means that the puppies will have the very best possible basis for you to build on. Unfortunately we can not guarantee the dog’s health or temperament throughout their lives as it is also dependant on how you as a new owner will mould their personality and how much care and exercise they will receive during their lives with you.

Cost of a Tegrata Dobermanns puppy

If you choose to buy a Dobermann puppy from our kennel you should be prepared to spend in the region of £1,300. It may initially seem expensive but it is certainly money well spent when you are buying a Dobermann puppy that has had the very best possible start in life. You will receive your puppy at about 8 weeks of age, he/she will be micro-chipped, de-wormed and vaccinated.

Dobermann puppies for sale in  2018!

All our puppies from recent litter have found their new homes and we are not planning any litter until spring 2019!