The Doberman

In today’s society the Doberman is often a champion in the obedience trials.

Maybe Mr. Dobermann would be surprised but today we mostly see Dobermans as companions in families. People who chose this breed are often active, like long walks. Lots of people chose Dobermans to participate in shows and trials too.


Dobermans are being used in Police forces widely and other institutions (Prisons, Army, Customs). As you can see from my Tessa’s success – Doberman can be an absolutely wonderful drug search dog too! This breed is still producing very good guard dogs and you would not hesitate to trust your safety to this dog. The Doberman today is famous for it’s fast but very stable temperament and supersonic reaction speed in dangerous/ threatening situations!

Some 20 years ago it was quite common to meet dogs that were psychologically unstable but selection and breeding have gone far and it is very rare to see pedigree Dobermans like that today. We are really passionate about Dobermans and hope more and more people will realize how wonderful these dogs are and the myth of Doberman as a maniacal killer will soon disappear..