Feeding your Doberman

Feeding puppies

We suggest feeding puppies at least 4 times per day till they reach age of 3 months. As a general guide, puppies require more: calcium and phosphorus to help build strong bones; protein to help develop strong muscles, more calories for increased energy expenditure and fatty acids for a healthy coat, they need more of these than mature dogs do.

It has also been shown that large breed puppies have different nutritional needs. In between age of 3 and 6 months you can slowly go from 4 to 2 feeds a day changing it first into 3 so that there is not a massive difference. The reason for so many feeding times a day is very simple – the daily allowance is being divided in smaller portions and is easier to digest.

We suggest adding fresh meat to your puppies’ food till it is about 1 year old as meat (beef) is a very good source of protein; we give natural yogurt and cottage cheese to our puppies too – great source of calcium. Don’t hesitate to offer some fresh veggies to your dog! Our dogs love fresh potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and even different kind of fruit! One of our recommendations is product called Canovel – its calcium and minerals and we add it to our puppy’s food till they are about 8 – 9 months old. It’s very useful if your dog is cropped as helps to get ears to take the new position and not to fall down when the teeth are changing and most of the calcium is being used there.

Some people wonder why dogs can’t eat the same food we do – well – they can! The reason why it is not suggested is – we use way too much salt, spices and fat in our food and by giving your food to little puppies you risk making your puppy allergic for the rest of its life.

Feeding adult dogs

As for adult dogs, there are a number of specially formulated premium foods, which have been created to ensure health growth and keep your dog healthy at each stage of his life. We are feeding out dogs with proffesional dog food- Fish4Dogs(www.fish4dogs.co.uk ). For a long time Vets and nutritionist’s have been recommending to feed a commercially produced food, especially a premium food rather than home made diets, which unless carefully formulated can be potentially harmful for your dog.

Professional foods are better because not all the dogs are the same – they grow older and need different food, some of them are very active and some are very passive, there are big dogs and small dogs and they all have different needs for nutrition. Some suggest feeding adult dogs only once a day but we feed our adult dogs twice a day. And it is all right both ways – the choice is yours. No one can say how long an individual dog will live. But he is your dog, your faithful friend; you obviously want to have him with you as long as possible. It has been recognized by Veterinary Surgeons for some time that nutrition can play an important part in maintaining your dog’s health and vitality. Certain nutrient changes are needed throughout your dog’s life, what is right for a puppy can be harmful to the older dog.